Cammy,Jill,Tronn for a non tier team?

Would this be a good team? I was thinking today in clas with Cammy you could rings to what ever air combo, and I think Jill could do the same. Itd be Cammy (aaa) Jill (whatever becase her assists suck) and Tronn (rings).

One more thing, can you KBAxx(that super with the huge zombie)? sorry about the name, I had a brain fart.

I think that Cammy/Tron would be useless for that KBA air combo, simply because of damage scaling. Other than that, it’s a pretty fun team.

a good non tier thats kinda like that team is bonne (rings), jill(dash) and sonson(AA). This one dude at the arcade used to use that team and it was pretty good. he would do the trick with jill where he would trip them then if you rolled he’d call lk zombie to grab you then you’d be grabbed then he’d go over and call tron bonne and trip you again and do it over. also, he would do the tyrant super then after the 2nd or 3rd slash that the zombie would do, he would DHC into Sonson’s POW super,( zombie slashs and tosses the body of the other fighter and they land right into the fruit), that was a tight looking super.

Hey that’s my team! Naw jp, I usually go in the order of Jill Cammy Tron. I just cancel Jill’s qf PP super (in the air) with Cammy’s KBA. You have to do it quickly or it won’t connect. I usually try not to use Tron in this team unless it’s a close match and all I have to do is chip. I always just go for tron,, (tron hits) dash,,, launcher (air combo). does way too much damage.

I’ve used this team at times and its a lot of fun to play. Start Jill since her assists are more or less useless and you can DHC into KBA. This team has a lot of trouble with runaway Storm though.

Trade in Tron Bonne for Captain Commando aka team Bitch Slap!