Hi everyone. I am new to the Street Fighte communtiy and I really wanna get good at this game.

I really love using Cammy and Juri a lot only since they are really fast and just tight.
I dont really know that much detail about there combos and how to buffer that well yet, but im working on it.
Any help with these two characters would be much appreciated.


Get crackin…

First place to start in my opinion would be Challenge Mode. That will give you the combos you need. After that maybe try a little online play to get a feel for the characters. There is no wrong answer, just spend some time learning the game and the characters and you’ll be sweet.

One thing to know about cammy she has pretty high execution combos, but then she is really fun to play in my opinion. Cammy is my main. On the other hand i have no idea how to play juri, but then there is a lot to know beyond training mode for Cammy.

Forgot to mention to check out the STICKY threads. Some people just go in and make a topic like this one without even seeing what’s readily available to them.