Cammy Kara throws

does anyone know what these are and whether they are worth doing?

As far as I know she has none.

She has two:

strong + throw: Terrible.
forward + throw: Poor.

Unless you find the execution easy I wouldn’t bother, her walk speed compensates.

thus why i never learned them. lol

it was utterly and completely useless back in vanilla… therefore never tested it in super… :rofl:


cammy throws suck i always said it. so much different from seth ones

so her kara throw barely grabs?

Kara-throws aren’t that great in SFIV (SSFIV). Unless you are playing as Ken or Claw, kara-throw isn’t anything special. It’s not SFIII where you can’t crouch tech throws all the time (EDIT). The main problem is speed, kara-thows are slower than regular throws (few startup frames of the normal used + throw startup) so it isn’t that much different from a walk up grab (few walk up frames + throw startup). Cammy’s walk speed is great, so just walk up grab instead.

ohkk thanks very much for all replies so far really appreciated

you can crouch tech in SFIII just it can be parried into a combo unlike SSFIV so it carries more risk

Yes, that’s what I meant, I just should have explained it, thank you for the correction.

I was checking up on some setups and different things for Cammy and came to learn that her Kara Throws aren’t actually terrible in the range itself, but that they simply glitch and don’t grab certain characters.

I have tried using Karathrow on Ryu, Ken, Sagat, and Cammy in training mode, but for some reason, the character’s leg of their hitbox keeps pushing cammy away from them, and you can hear a “whiff” sound (seriously) when she tries to grab them. I have tried it using st forward/strong and well as st hp/rh, but each of her Kara throws don’t reach the character.

So in short, Cammy’s Kara throws suck, unless somebody can post otherwise.

actually, as a person who started with ken as my main i would argue that the additional start-up frames are one of if not the most important part of why kara-throws work so well. the extra start-up frames can seriously fuck up someones tech timing, so let’s say your at +2 adv doing a normal tick throw would give them 1 frame to hit a button for you to score a counter-hit style throw (throwing their normal start-up) and after that 1 frame they have a bunch of time to tech. now if you make it a kara-throw all of a sudden they have a 3 frame opening to hit a throw tech to be snatched up.

now… all that being said, i still rarely if ever use cammy’s kara-throw because she has few normals that leave her in the right amount of frame advantage to set up something like the above situation where i used to abuse ken’s kara-throw.

she technically doesn’t have one but she can do a fierce + throw which looks warpy up close and may throw off your opponent’s reactions. just sayin.

but then again everyone has these

Don’t forget about Rose’s. She already has great throw range and one of her kara throws gives her a frame of throw invincibility too.

Sako uses Cammy’s IIRC but it’s not worth it IMO unless you can get it every single time. Her shit grab range is compensated by her great walk speed (like mentioned above).