Cammy Mains, Want to Lab + share thoughts?



I been maining cammy since day 1, I been leveling up everyday little bit by little bit and sure enough i got into gold and i feel comfortable with the character, So im looking for people who are pretty much super silver - higher , I live in the east coast (MA) with a incredibly internet connection, If people want to add me and play some games from time to time and share thoughts i would love to play other cammys, I perfer people to have a good internet connection and at least some silvers, (not discrimination but just feel you should be able to combo before sharing thoughts) :slight_smile:

My psn is drsleeps, add me and send a note, :slight_smile: mics would be cool too


I’m in the same boat you are. Add me my fight ID is BFGC_Station. I’m an above average player but not godlike as this is my first street fighter.


If anyone wants to spar, please add me. I’d be down to see what a good Cammy looks like. Think of me as a training dummy. I also have a shitty Alex.

CFN: JujuGreendog