Cammy Match-Up Discussion : Abigail

Discussion on the Cammy vs Abigail match-up goes here.

I’m having a ton of problems in this MU. Any generic advice? Is it a similar approach to fighting Gief?

Kind of, in the sense that you don’t want to be close. Here are some tips:

  • DP every jump in. Medium DP is the best option universally, but Heavy DP will work most of the time with your spacing.
  • Whiff punish this normals, except for his standing fierce (it has almost no hurtbox on it)
  • If he runs at you, don’t jump. Walk backwards when when he does. If he punches you up close or front flips, it’s punishable. If he gets close enough, you can grab him.
  • Abigail is the only character that Cammy can do a true throw loop to in the corner. Practice the timing.

Thank you. I’m also having major problems against his cr.LP. It seems unstoppable.

To be honest, it’s a difficult matchup. Characters like Abigail & Zangief give our girl a hard time.

I’d say the best thing you can do against his crLK is stay out of its range.

If you’re feeling yourself, you could try to counter poke it, but that’s risky.