Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Alex

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This is an extremely hard mu for Cammy. His stun output is Sooooooo high it makes you afraid to move or do anything. He’s unpunishable on everything, Idk what to do against a good 1 and yes I’ve played a few really good ones already. Any advice on how to deal with him, because I’m at a loss??

Keep constantly putting pressure on him and there’s not much he can really do about it. I honestly feel that this matchup is way in Cammy’s favor.

Alex is after his Chops always - , so his turn is over. Some Chops should be punishable with CA, I haven’t tested it now.
His Elbows are also - and his EX Elbow has 1 hit of armor and is -10.
His Normals are all pretty slow, and st.hp should do a good job for you.
His Stomps are fast, you can AA some with jab, but I prefere back+mp, for me it’s impossible to react with a DP. On the other hand I’m slow as f*** with DP’s.
Keep the pressure up. His cr.hp is punishable, his sweep too. He has nothing to stop 3f outside of jab,jab.
If he goes crazy on your wakeup, teach him respect.

His Damage output can be extremly high, so don’t get into habits one CC combo can hurt a lot.
We don’t want to help him plant Cammy trees, no we don’t.

I think this match favors Cammy in some ways, and others not. It’s either even or in Cammy’s favor. It’s hard to get things started vs Alex. He can play lame if he wants to and safely chip as long as you don’t have CA.

On the flip side, if you get Alex cornered, it is SFIV style set-play. His wake-up is abysmal. With no 3 frame normals, no true reversal, etc. frame trapping is quite easy.

Yes, Alex does have high stun/damage output, he lacks the neutral game threat that Birdie poses to Cammy. It’s like Alex is a better version of Gief but a lesser version of Birdie as far as Cammy’s concerned, imo.

explain how its sf4 style set play? what setups are you using?

I didn’t mean literally. I just meant that it’s one knock down leading into another knockdown leading into another knockdown.

If you forward, throw him, it’s easy to meaty him with no 3 frame normal. If you frame trap him, you have meaty options off of SA and CS. Unless he wants to blow all of his meter on a read or he wants to give up his V-Gauage for VR, it’s an easy ride home.

Set-ups are a thing of the past.

I’m sorry I completely disagree, I can’t even beat Alex the 1 time I did he rage quit. And everytime else I lose and even if do keep applying pressure. He’s to safe

Same here I haven’t won against a single Alex his Normals beat me every time. If I can get near him once dropped combo = stun


if you do, and then an immediate cr.lp arrow youll beat his

So we literally got nothing on this matchup??? :sad:
I just finally beat my buddies rashid easy peasy amd he switched to his alex and omg such a struggle. I feel like i outfootsies his slightly but as we all agree his basic dmg output vs cammy is just so scary. The only thing i can think of is trying to neutral jump and of his dive commands and punish that way but not being able to punish his chops really makes me sad :frowning:

I’ve been constantly playing this Alex on multiple FT10. He’s way out of my league though and the only Alex I’ve faced so far that gave me trouble.

Normals: His medium buttons seem really strong for footsies due to their range. No 3f button. St.Hk (-4) can be easily super’d on reaction but I tried HSA a couple of times and ended up getting CC so I’m not sure it’s a good idea. His has got stupid big range and can combo after v-trigger activation so look out for that dash. appears to go further than ours and is -2 on block. I think I’ve punished, and st.hp with jab on stupidly close ranges. Overhead has huge range. hits really far away. is strong but not cancellable and it’s got 7f startup. He won’t cancel into anything if you’re not in close range.
Command grab: This player never does anything after a command grab except meaty slash or Really easy to hold back and have advantage again. I don’t know if he’s missing out on some tech.
Chop: always at least -4 but spacing sometimes makes it safe and ex is unpunishable(-2). If you get hit he can legit follow the combo with a grab move or try to reset you (he’s on your face, at least +2 and he’s got a command grab) similar to Laura.
Elbow: is -4/6/7/10 but it can place you in a weird position due to pushback but I honestly have trouble telling if he just used Elbow or Chop. Ex is really obviously punishable.
Dive-punch: stupidly bad and punishable. I don’t know the point.
Stomp(overhead): This guy would mix blocked, crlp dash command grab or cancel into stomp. Really fast move and visually similar to his head crush. It’s punishable but you probably won’t be able to block it on reaction unless it’s already on your mind.
Head Crush: I’ve CC’d it with and wouldn’t be impressed if beats it clean.

Outside of dash command grab or strings cancelled into stomp/head crush Alex seems pretty legit overall. His high damage/stun goes really badly with our low hp/stun but there’s nothing he can really do once we’re in unless trying to jump out. I think the neutral is even since he’s got the range but we’ve got movespeed and faster normals. I find it harder to dominate matches than against Birdie, but easier to actually finish them out.

How do you even deal with Alex’s elbow? I’m genuinely at a loss, it feels like he can throw out that move for free all day.

Well, he can unless you have CA. It’s just chip you gotta deal with. Like fireballs, Nash’s Moonsault, Necalli’s stomps, etc.

Well nash’s moonsault you can beat with or dp so he cant really do it freely. Elbow i guess you can try to hit it out of start up… But that sounds like its totally not worth the reward… This match up seems really obe sided, id like to see a pro take on a pro alx player and see how they approach the match up

Ok I played some more sets against different Alexes now(how is the plural?)

I can see why this char is considerd bad, but god damn it he is so fing annoying.
Elbow’s everywhere, there’re are no normals to whiffpunish,cause everyone goes for Elbows 24/7.
Once your in, he has no defence, his footsies is bad,since everything he has is slow as f*** and recovers forever, keep frametraps up,that beat 4f normals and don’t fear to throw this son of a b
*, once he’s cornerd he’s like a helpless puppy that crys for his mama.
God and I taught Fang is a annoying opponent

Although i think Cammy beats Alex, I agree. He’s annoying to fight. I don’t find the character fun to fight against. I don’t know if anyone has really figured him out yet which might be why.

Alex is straight up footsie game where it isn’t in your favor because of health. You have better walk speed, but he has free elbows. Don’t be afraid to walk up and grab him if he whiffs medium or heavy buttons. The buttons to counter poke are stand hp or crouch mk into cannon drill. Best thing to do is walk in the space of his buttons and walk back to make him whiff buttons. If he doesn’t whiff dash in grab or shimmy if they tech.

God the health thing -.- i plaued some 4k alex and birdie players who i outclassed but because i tend to not only choke but get hit by dumb shit i ended up losing by pixels both games. I think i must have thrown the birdie player a good 8 times each round since he would rarely hit buttons but omg it felt like all it did was a quarter of his health.