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Well we should all know how to beat our own Char right?
It’s won by better player.

If I see another Cammy jumps I usualy do either neutraljump mk or jumpback mk, at least if I think they will divekick. Since I’m slow with Dp’s I stick with Normals as anti-airs. Depending on the range I use and back+mp as anti-airs.
But M Cannon Spike is optimal for any situation.


This is a 7:5 matchup.

Is this thread really necessary?


Isn’t it a 10:0 MU since it’s impossible for Cammy to lose?


Or is it a 0:10 because a Cammy always loses?

I think that is going to depend whether you’re the kind of guy that plays Ryu and say that you can’t fireball because they can jump or the kind of guy that plays against Ryu and complain that you can’t jump because of DP.


I don’t think it’s as easy as Cammy vs Cammy is a simple path.

Realistically, there are two schools of thought with Cammy right now. A patient, footsie, neutral based Cammy (Kbrad, Cobelcog) and a risk, read, rush down Cammy (Poongko, Kazonoko).

Depending on what type of Cammy you are playing, the approach does change. Punishes are punishes, but tool vs tool and such needs to be addressed.

For example, vs a Cammy who relies heavily on st. MK, you can use cr. MK to get around it and even whiff punish it.

There are certainly things to be aware of and explore.


Kazunoko is playing Necalli nowadays.


I wonder when he will drop Necalli after he realises that his divekick sucks and a DP punish will hurt a lot too.


I like the play this match-up defensively with footsies. Usually the more aggressive cammy loses since they love to dive kick, spinning back knuckle, and hooligan a lot. Just cannon spike them in the face.


was messing around with punishes for the DP xx Super to escape the corner on block. you can either
[] HK Arrow (they end up far away to reestablish pressure)
] EX Arrow (much better oki)
[*] dash up x2, any 5 frame or less move (this is hard to do since you have to dash immediately after the super freeze and again after the first dash)
or you can just super right back


Cammy’s are really blowing a CA to get out of the corner rather than doing a v-reversal on you?


V-Reversal is punishable, baitable and beatable by both throws and tick throws. DPxxCA is a 50% mixup with a almost 50% of Cammy’s HP as a reward and if you guess wrong you’re free on the other side of the screen. Played a Cammy just yesterday who would v-reversal out of the corner everytime and went unpunished. Tried to do the same… ouch.
And it’s not like Cammy has trouble building meter too.

Been playing a lot against some other Cammy players. Man, blocking those side-switching vskills can be really weird. There are times I can swear I’m blocking the right side and still get hit by it. She also feels far more honest than I thought she did. Hard to actually feel scared until you’re cornered, but even then I’ll take being cornered by Cammy than Ryu, Ken, Karin, Necalli or Chun all day.