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is sim able to low profile cammys dp??


What do you guys do against Dhalsim’s dive kick things. They’re a little too fast for me to DP. Jab and back strong don’t seem to have the right hitbox to beat them. Stand short? Block and guess air flame or throw?


Midscreen you can walk back out of mixups after you block the drill.

You can punish if it hits too high

Otherwise u gotta guess or use vreversal


Ending combos in mk arrow allows you to do a dash up meaty grab which shuts down his teleport.


I find Cammy’s VReversal so inconsistent against his VTrigger :/. Sometimes I can get hit out of it or whiff which he might be able to punish.


Against his limbs: due to the priority system, preemptive st.hp is quite good against them from a distance. You can buffer st.hp/cr.hp>V-Trigger>Spiral Arrow or st.hp>Super to punish them. Maybe you can punish some of his more negative limbs from far on block with super, but that’s something I haven’t tried out yet. Preemptive divekicks can be pretty good at leaping over and catching his limbs from afar too.

If you wanna see this in action, check out K-Brad vs Arturo if you haven’t already:


So according to the passage above, i punish back cross up teleport w jab?


Yea pretty much. He has setups that your jab isnt gonna beat though.

But if you’re standing around and he teleports, jab is good