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Thank you for this… not many FANG players out there (even in Japan), but this was a good read after I got bodied 1-10 by a FANG player named “ShowMeCombos”.

I really wanted to save my replays and study what I did wrong, but I haven’t been able to save replays through CFN since 3 weeks ago (an update before the Guile DLC screwed up replay saving, and all my old replay movies are now dated June 1906). Anyone else experiencing replay problems?


Yeah I have the same problem. I had some Chun matches I wanted to share, but it saves the wrong matches and everything is dated 1906.


what are some punishes for FANGs super (after you block it or it whiffs close to you)


Reversal HK Spiral Arrow to go under the bubbles and wait to punish him with whatever you want.
Jump in HK crHP xx VT or jiHK crMK xx SA/DP etc
Delayed V-Skill stHP xx SA/DP/VT etc