Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Guile

Discussion on the Cammy vs Guile match-up goes here.

Sonic Boom!

So far every Guile loves his Flashkick.
Normal Flashkicks are not invincible, EX is full, what means his closeup “get the hell of me!” options are more limited.
His “fast” normals are pretty slow, what means he’s easy to frametrap.
Flashkicks tend to autocorrect now better.
Sonic Boom has more recovery than in IV, it makes it easier to attack him, that+ his airthrow has less range,his Normals are generaly worse.

His Stun Combo works only in the corner. IF he does midscreen a Boom contests, you can often EX divekick him. He will either get hit or get hit and you trade with the last Boom.

He has however a much better walkspeed,he’s more slippery because of this and his throwrange seems to be worse than Chun’s.

This is probably the only match up where I feel like meter is absolutely needed. U cant jump at a gd guile unless u have a really gd read on his sonic boom. Flash kick beats dive clean and because most Guile’s r holding db so they r extremely fast 2 AA u. Honestly I still don’t know his buttons or the match up at all but I will say that on wake he is extremely limited so maul his with frame traps and meaties

anyone here have gud tips to deal with s2 guile?they are incredible annoying for current season lol, spam knee kicks, Booms everywhere,it seems like almost impossible to get in T_T

Patience. A fuck ton of patience is how you deal with Guile. I’m not going to sugar coat it this match can be boring as fuck if they want to play it super lame.

Try not to jump at him unless you are absolutely sure it’s going to be a hit (like reading a boom before it even comes out). Neutral jumping over fireballs is fine but be aware some Guile’s will just move forward and anti air you if you keep neutral jumping the booms. You can get a free in if he does his v-skill as you can time your v-skill to hit him at the last second and it will pass through and beat it if he tries to throw a sonic boom after. Practice the timing to get it down. It’s still risky but better than jumping in. You can also use EX SA to get a knock down from a read boom but I don’t like the waste of meter.

You’re basic approach should be to slowly inch forward and just eat the chip damage until you get him to about your st/cr mk range. At this range you can stuff his booms with mk and beat out his normals with st hp and even CC with st hk. Look for what normals they like to mix in between booms and then use your corresponding normal to beat it. So if you see a boom coming do st mk/cr mk xx SA, if you see a medium or knees or whatever coming do st hp or even st hk if you have an early read. Once you get a knock down you can apply normal pressure, but since they want to get away from you pretty much assume they’ll try to walk back so do st lk cr lk cr lp xx SA to catch them low. Once they stop trying to walk back mix in the st lk - grab. At this point you should have them in the corner so just bully them with your mk and anti air if they try and jump out.

I haven’t found a perfect way to deal with his v-trigger as nothing we have can go through multiple fireballs. Basically once he activates and lets them fly you have to eat that shit and get pushed back half way across the screen unless he gives you a gap. In most cases I just block low and wait for them to approach they tend to go for a grab or overhead at that point so just be ready to block high or tech.


@SunTzu81 , thanks for the tips provided hehe, i admit that guile matchup is very annoying, especially they play very lame game (most of it are like that :D), in short,is just like dealing with ryu matchup, anyway,i will try to practice more on this matchup,Thanks anyway ^_^.

Honestly this match went from 6/4 Cammy in S1 to 6/4 Guile in S2. Guile is a wall and the ability to DP through fireballs absolute destroyed a lot of this match for Cammy. Couple it with the EX Dive Nerf and the Guile buffs, this match is really hard.

As SunTzu said, gotta just walk him down and 1/3 of your life possibly to do it. And once you get him cornered, VT activation makes you need to do that all over again.

The system of this game benefits guile so much and its why I think he is the best character in the game not to mention the crazy tool set he has. The grey life nerfs helps him. U spend 30 secs trying to get in and u finally manage it, u press a button he V Reversals and ur back to square one. A v trigger that he can either just use to push u back even more with or lock u down and put u in inescapable mix ups. A v skill that gives his booms even more durability (have u seen how fast an ex v skill boom is) basically against this character u gotta take risks and he doesn’t have to take any.