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L/M/H Ressenha are all punishable with Cammy’s target combo (b.MP, st.HK, etc) before the follow-up. You can literally mash b.MP if you block it.


I think this along with Mika is my worst match-up.

If you lose footsies and get hit once you might as well put down your stick and grab a cup of coffee which she juggles you all over the screen and takes 50% health.


Karin is my worst machup also, she get me out of everithing with c.lp and if i get hit is a nightmare of juggles…


She doesn’t get out of anything with jabs


I tend to do st.hp, a lot and she get me out of this with cr.jab, maybe i shouldnt made those if the first one hit guard? What will be better? (Sorry i’m pretty noobie and this is maybe obvius stuff)


Karins cr.lp is 3f, you just have to use 3f frametraps.
cr.lp -> / -> cr.lp / -> cr.lp just some examples.

Karins AA’s in general are bad, I tend to abuse divekicks against her. It’s possible to fight her on the ground, the match is pretty interesting if both players have good footsies.

I actualy feels that noone wins this match, it’s a solid 5-5 in my opinion.


I agree cipher


Thanks so much again!!! ^^ i will try this the next jab smasher i found! Also her stuff seems to have pretty small window for punish, i found this video, again maybe is basic stuff but i will leave it here because another new player could found this really helpful!


Jumping as much as possible against her in the beginning seems like a good strategy.

At first they will burn ex meter, and eventually v gage (v reversal)

If they don’t do this, her anti airs are bad and you’ll likely find a way to open her up.

Every time they use ex bar to anti air is a huge victory because they won’t be able to super.

If they do jump back normals to challenge your air approach, this is also great because they are pushing themselves to the corner.


Some Karin players will try 2 out poke u with her stmk, it’s better than Cammy’s and they kno this, but u can counter poke it with stHp.