Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Laura

Discussion on the Cammy vs Laura match-up goes here.

Can anyone provide any insight here? I had a session with a Laura tonight and only won one match out of a dozen or so. I am at a loss, please, anyone!

Well, replays always help.

First off, with any match, know your punishes…and know the strengths of attacks. For example, Laura’s LP shoulder (which is safe) hits horizontal and she makes a very meak sound. Her MP shoulder hits a little more vertically and there’s more oomph in her character voice.

Laura is easy to outclass when neutral. Simply put, her buttons don’t deal well with yours. She’s pretty free to pressure on wake-up, and only when she has meter does she have an option (which loses to throw).

I find it’s better to just eat the command grab than anything else she has to offer. Her CH game is brutal. V-Reversal and blocking. DPing Laura is a big risk, because then she has a free combo into a reset.

Her st. MK can be really tough to deal with.

This, imo is cammys worst match. I rarely beat even the worst Laura’s and I play best with cammy. Necalli and bison I tear her up tho

Actually I’d say this match is kinda free for Cammy.

What specifically is giving you trouble?

I despise this matchup. Has anything new been figured out?

Just general Laura stuff I guess. Don’t get mixed up.
Is anything other than her mixup options a threat?

When you choose to block get ready for the normal xx thunder clap, that is how they try to reset their pressure.

If you didn’t DP in time you can’t walkback from it since you’re in proximity block which means that backdash is your only way to create space again. So use it instead of being a sitting duck.

Learn the timing of the delayed jumpback OS tech to use after LK Elbow on hit and after command grabs knockdown to avoid meaty strikes and command grab at the same time.


Hm, ok, cool n all, but there is no need to V-Reversal that. Its -2 on block, so grab/crMP/shimmy/whatever, its your turn.

Yeah. It’s just unfortunate. Hopefully this sort of thing doesn’t become an issue in other areas

Since knowing is half the battle, I figured I should drop this here. This can be really useful.
It’s titled Defending vs Laura in SF5 Season 2:

Perhaps if we had one for Cammy folks wouldn’t cry about her being OP while thinking she has a throw loop and that divekick hits high.

I shouldn’t be giving info to the enemy (lol) but there are some pretty inaccurate things in that file:

“Her EX command throw was changed from 19F startup to 18F. Due to this change, she can no longer forward throw & immediately ex command throw. In order to ex command throw successfully after a forward throw, she has to manually delay it by 1 frame. It is hard to do this consistently”

  • true, but she can actually delay it up to 4f and still beat 3f jabs, so there’s a pretty generous window there.

“She only has 2 normal attacks that keep in her throw range”

  • plainly wrong. As shown in this video she can now tick throw from any light as well as a number of other situations (I forgot the MP > MK target combo in the video, which is now +2 and therefore a legit 50/50). Unlike S1 she doesn’t even have to commit to command grab for st. and cr. short because regular grab can now connect from them.

“important to note that if she hits you st.LK, her command throw will whiff now”

  • that’s also wrong. It will whiff only if you execute the command grab too early. It should only be an issue on CH anyway since she’s +6 after that.

I also laugh a little at the idea that neutral jumping or back jump OS will make her scared of command grabs, as if she couldn’t use st. MP, cr. MP or even HP Bolt to make people scared of jumping.
Unlike what the author said I suggest to rather backdash, because st. HP/HK CC will only work at certain ranges and you have to commit to those slow buttons. Mixing up jumps and backdashes is probably the way to go.

edit: oh it’s Javits. So I guess he’s just being evil.

Wait what? You trying to tell me there’s a certain range I won’t get CC’d if I backdash and you hit st.hp? And that somehow this is different from backdash vs or How does that work?
I don’t think backdash ever served me right in this matchup.

nvm, I don’t remember what I was testing exactly when my st. HP started whiffing after normals. So yes, jumping is the lowest possible risk here; both jumps and backdashes can be beaten by single button (cr. MP) but at least you don’t eat a CC for that.