Cammy Match-Up Discussion: M. Bison

Discussion on the Cammy vs M. Bison match-up goes here.

This matchup is a personal demon of mine. I know Cammy should have the advantage, but I always find myself right in front of him not being able to press any buttons.

I’m also aware that I can jab him after scissor kicks and that he’s super free on wakeup. Regardless, I always find myself getting bodied.

Well, except for one specific time.

Any solids tips are appreciated. <3

When Bison is in V-Trigger, most players will try to do EX Head Stomp on you, which will freeze you if you block (+2 on block). When you see this, they are looking to throw you. His throw will beat out your 3f jab, so you should get ready to tech the throw. Maybe DP is also an option, but I would be wary of doing it too often (CC damage being the reason).

Also, with no real reversal, Bison is very vulnerable to jump-ins and pressure after knockdowns. Since he is a charge character, crossing him up repeatedly makes him lose his horizontal charge, and therefore takes away some of his offense if timed right. However, once he has CA, you should never jump in on him or harrass him after knockdown. Doing so will net him free beefy damage from the counter CA.

Yes, I lost to him in the early months of this game’s arrival because I would press buttons too much every time he was near me, especially after knockdown. Bison thrives on hitting people with Crush Counters to set up more devastating attacks, and he needs to be close to do that. I learned eventually to block after knockdowns, and wait until I had an opening to counterattack or at least switch momentum (like Scissors Kick pressure). Don’t be a hero and DP him on wakeup. That’s exactly what he wants from you. They will block and punish, making it even easier for Bison to CC you as you land from DP.

He will also dash in to throw you, which is hard to counter compared to other fighters because his teleport is invincible at certain points of the dash. The dash is 22 frames. W/O V-Trigger, frames 8-10 are completely invincible, and frames 11-14 are strike and projectile invincible. With V-Trigger, frames 6-13 are completely invincible, and frames 14-18 are strike invincible. I still haven’t found a consistent way to punish dashers, but you would need to stay active, keep slightly out of his dash range, and stick out light attacks from time to time to deter him from closing in on you with impunity.

At 22 frames, his dash is the slowest of the cast, and is punishable on reaction. As soon as you see the disappearing animation when he forward dashes, throw out a, xx special. If you time it right, he should teleport right into it.

Since his whole game revolves around frame traps and crush counters, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with which of his moves are + on block. and are the 2 that most Bisons use to start a frame trap. Learn to recognize them, and just keep blocking.

Bison has also one major weaknes, if he starts a frametrap,he is usualy out of throwrange or has to walk forward, what removes a lot of the treat.
I usualy rush Bison down, but also had a lot succes to Turtle him. He seems to have some problems dealing with Cammys Normals, stay ready to anti-air his obivous jump-ins and Headpresses.

Just found out that blows up his v-trigger devil’s reverse. After he disappears, wait a split second and throw it out. It should autocorrect and give you a crush counter.

This is fantastic to know. Thanks!

Got anything for EX headstomp?

Nah, I’ve been doing on reaction and eating the full damage because I’m an idiot.

Story of my life.


So, two months have passed. Do you guys now have an answer to headstomp? For some reason or other lk dp almost never works for me. I either get baited, stuffed or simply can’t input it correctly due to side switches. in my experience is suicide, even more so when I can’t even figure out what direction is b.

This is probably my worst matchup lol. I’m still stuck in that “Bison is so strong” month after launch when it comes to this.

BMP or

I usually just block it tbh

I usually Spiral Arrow an approach headstomp to avoid the guessing game. Aside from that weird thing I think this is a pretty standard mu, with the biggest concern being Bison’s far throw range.

That’s a good idea.

Edit: whoops, just making sure you guys were paying attention.

@ShinLad wrong thread bro

Anyone feeling like you’re completely free against Bison’s v-trigger? How do you stop the mad dash fest, know which side to block devil reverse and so on.

For my case, Bison V-Trigger is annoying to deal with, especially he doing random headstomp( i don’t know what that called) lol, it cross up and hard to react to, even sumtime lk.dp didn’t work lo.

I’ve heard suggestions ranging from preemptive jabs to whiffing low normals to catch him. Throwing out cr.MK in space works best for me personally.

As far as the devil reverses, I’ve had pretty good success doing jump back MP or LK. Doing arrows to avoid the mixup in general is another option.