Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Menat

Discussion on the Cammy vs Menat match-up goes here.

How do you all think Cammy does vs Menat’s ranged normals?

Does anyone have any ideas on this match up? I kind of feel there is literally zero footsies against Menat as her orb has no hurt box to catch and punish. It feels like the whole neutral for you is to just wait for an opening so you can get in close to apply pressure or get a knockdown. It’s been kind of boring fighting against her to be honest.

I’m hopeless against this bitch…anything at all about the mid range against her?

That’s what sucks, there is no mid range against her really. You are just pressing forward and/or waiting for an opening. There is no footsies or whiff punishing for you to attempt here. You are either looking to walk her back by stutter stepping forward or dashing in, using v skill or spiral arrow yolo when she tries to orb to get in, or jump in when you got a read she’s going for a slower normal like cr hp that will allow you to jump in. The most mid range against this character you will play is walking into her cr hp and st mp range to get her to push a button so you can attempt to gain a bit of ground. Once you get her knocked down and you’re in her face in the corner she’s fucked and is why this match up is so boring. Getting in is boring and once your in it’s an easy win as she can’t do shit to get out. Most of the time this match comes down to if she can land a v-trigger combo on you or not, so practice against those to learn when she can grab or overhead in the string to reset. Other than that it’s just the patient game of picking the openings to get in and then dominating her with pressure strings, grabs and shimmies.