Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Nash

Discussion on the Cammy vs Nash match-up goes here.

Anyone have anymore good tips vs Nash?

Try to start all meaty pressure with a light so if he vr you can catch him and if he does vt, he gets beat.

corner frame kill:
hk arrow, st.lp hits v trig perfectly meaty

On his wake up maul him he has no reversals. Just watch out cause I have noticed a lot of Nash players don’t have any problems doing wake up super since they don’t have many gd wake up options

One thing Nashs always get me with. Are scythes.
L and M, no fireball on the screen, just against walk forwards, they just throw it out whenever they want and till now I have no clue how to deal with it.
I know all of them should be punishable by either H DP or reversal arrow, but I get hit by them a lot.

Thats the only thing they throw me realy off with any advice how to deal with that?
Yes, I tried walkforward block.

I feel his crouching medium and light hits always beat my crouching lp. Never noticed this against any other character.

Hes so far the only character i feel i just flat out cant press buttons against for some reason. Hes slow but he feels so ungodly fast and it always feels like hes got infinit presure going that i think ive only ever beaten 1 nash and most rounds against a half decent nash emd with me in stun… I honestly have no idea what cammy is supposed to do. I know its not a bad match up and its me suckig ass but wtfx

This match-up and mika are probably more worse match-ups. I’d gladly fight any bison or birdie any day. This match-up you really have to play random. You can’t footsie this character because of his dash.

Throw out preemptive st. hp xx h spiral arrow to deal with Nash’s who like to dash a lot in the ground game. Once he starts being weary of that, Cammy’s superior footsies really shine. This will obviously lose to jump so assess the situation accordingly.

I suggest using cr MK instead, as it hits low and has more range. St HP is definitely not a bad option though. I tend to use that HP OS more vs Karin and Laura.

I think both work but it depends on what the Nash is doing. If he is dashing foward a lot and doing cr mk himself, your cr mk is the better option to catch him low. But if he is doing standing kicks and sycthes then st hp buffered into special is the better option as Cammy’s cr mk hurt box is huge and gets beat out by lows and mids. It all depends on spacing though, I’d only use cr mk trying to catch him from a distance. Otherwise cr. mp, st mp or st hp would be better pokes to throw out at closer ranges.

U can punish his back fist with mk spiral as well. U have 2 be quick tho

I’m having the same problem. I feel like they can just throw them out for free. I managed to punish it in training with st.hp xx sa, but he has to be in your face when he does it for that to work. Not exactly what happens during a match.

MK scythe I believe is -8. HK Arrow is too slow to punish from long range. V-Trigger Arrow might work. Anyone know the start up of her V-trigger?

Nash like cammy can throw those out willy nilly only if hes at max range of it. Much like a perfectly spaced spiral arrow its very safe vs most the cast.
Btw i believe vtrigger is 1 frame start up 8 frame recovery so she wouldnt be able to punish it unless she hit him with a button first.

V-Arrows travel a lot faster than regular ones.
I figured out that if he does it as blockstring ( -> xx M Scythe), that it’s possible to punish him and CA shuts it completly down,since with the 3f startup and it’s fast travelspeed it punishs it as easy as fireball blockstrings.

once you enter scythe range throw out, I get a lot of crush counters out of it. Can only follow up with SA or Super. blows his v-trigger up, and can be done on reaction as long as you’re looking for it. Pretty much a guaranteed crush counter.

Not sure if that’s old news

Anyone got any ideas about how to deal with his V-trigger? I’ve lost countless close matches because when he activates it’s basically a free combo for him.