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Also, v-reversal those damn stomps.


Any other advice?


Thanks to Graham Wolfe on Twitter…

If you didn’t know this already, it’s a great tip. Valiant Rebellion AKA stomp is a projectile and therefore, any moves invincible to projectiles can counter it.

So this means EX hooligan and EX arrow blow up stomp strings. But, there are a few exceptions after doing some lab time;

  • cr.MP x L stomp is a true string so arrow nor hooligan should startup
  • cr.MK x L stomp counter hits arrow but does not catch hooligan

I think its important to know Necalli can DP (raging light) or CA your hooligan / arrow, but only by a hard read (e.g. cr.MK-slight delay-raging light / CA)


Oh snaps. I didn’t know those counted as projectiles. Thanks for the info!


Ok, so wtf do you guys do when a Necalli is waking up with stLP after, say, HK SA? Even if you hit meaty:
stMP crMP whiffs
crMP stMP whatever whiffs
crMP crLP whiffs
crLP bMP whiffs

All there is left to do is stMP stHP and crLP crLP?

#8 perhaps? although you’d have to visually confirm the counter hit if you’re using


I would think or counter hit shouldn’t whiff.


Well, yeah, then stMP stHP or crMP stHP is pretty much just better than that, but stMP stHP in case of hit and stMP crMP in case of block is really hard. I feel like I shouldn’t have such a problem to deal with such a simple tactic.

When I thing other chars will wake up jab I just meaty crMP stMP crMK xx MK SA/DP and it feels like everything is right with the world. Necallis just BrokeBack their jab on wake up and you have to be extremely on point to not die.


Ideally, I wanna say in that situation, hitconfirming on hit or block seems doable since it gives you a lot of advantage on hit, but that’s something I need to practice myself. For now, go for cr.lp, cr.lp since it’s guaranteed either way. Does cr.lp> work (combos on CH, same advantage on block)? I’m assuming, doesn’t work?


crMP crMP loses to 3f, so its not really a frame trap on a character with 2 3f jabs. But crLP crMP is something to keep in mind, thanks for the reminding me of that option.


No prob, and I meant to say cr.lp is the same as, tightness-wise, dunno why I mentioned block advantage. :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, isn’t tight against 3-framers (I still see some Cammys in the scene get away with this against 3-framers, not a good idea against Necalli when he has V-Trigger.)


Cammy can crMP crLP stHP to beat people that think they can blow up crMP crMP with their 3f, but the thing is crMP crLP whiffs if Necalli wake up stand jab, which really, really sucks.


Why on God’s green earth does he have such properties with his st.lp? It’s also one of the best anti-air moves in the game.


Man, this matchup has me so salty, I feel like I cant play neutral coz I get blown up by his all day long, my whiff punishes are never in range, I cant punish half of the shit I should be able to punish fml T_T


His stHK is harder to whiff punish then say, Ken or Laura’s stHKs. But its still doable, just gotta stay closer to the max range than the others.

Regarding the wake up stLP thing. I just realised that crMP crMP is actually legit because after HK SA your crMP hits meaty, so you’re +2 on block making the blockstring legit on 3framers, that its probably the go-to frame trap if you don’t have a read on them. Not sure about backrise, though, I didn’t test to see if you can walk forward to make it meaty and close enough for the second crMP to reach that BrokeBack character.


You can’t. Backrise meaty is st.MK hit confirm into st.HP xx MK arrow on CH.


Hmm, are you sure? Have you tested it?

You can’t use stMK on Necalli since he has 3f normals to stuff it on quick rise. And meaty counter hit stMK stHP doesn’t combo on Necalli waking up with stLP.

And yeah, you can walk forward crMP crMP to beat backrise wake up stLP.


I can CH Ken’s after back rise with so I don’t think 3f jabs beat it…

I will test again tho.

On another note, , st.hp doesn’t combo on Ken if he does back rise :stuck_out_tongue: