Cammy Match-Up Discussion: R. Mika

Discussion on the Cammy vs R. Mika match-up goes here.

I get destroyed by good Mika players. I even watch replays back and think “Yep . . .I haven’t learned anything”.

Although it’s tough to do online, you can react to her charged st.HK with your own st.HK for a CC cannon spike or CA.

Keep her out with st.MK and AA her with b.MP DP.

I’m sure people have other tips, but that’s what comes off the top right now.

Yeah b.MP is good for mixups when you dash under. Hadn’t found a good way to counter her st.HK but I’ll try my own thanks!

Don’t AA her with bMP. AA her with DP.
She can do that Drop thing that changes her jump arc/timing, your bMP will lose.
Yeah… its punishable on block, but that does not justify assuming that the MIka player won’t use it after he has seeing your bMPs. If he knock you down once its a nightmare, so you have to avoid that by using LK/MK DPs.

How do you guys feel about charged dropkick? How plus is she after that? I often try to neutral jump and end up missing the timing.

its +2.

if you get hit, you gotta guess. dp will make them timid lol. vreversal works too

Mika’s launching uppercut on meaty stuffs/trades Cammy’s CA on reversal in the corner. Cammy goes to the wall, says something confident and then gets hit by the tip of Mika’s fist.

Mika’s clap->Irish Whip stuffs st.MK. Slide goes under it.

On multiple occasions Mika’s EX Air Grab completely beat out my reversal MK Cannon Spike.

If you stuff her charged with your you can dash forward and get a meaty which beats her 3 frame lights I also tried stuffing it ( with and dash forward but she beats Cammy’s meaty

In the corner, v-reversal is your friend.

Don’t know if its mentioned but you can back dash after her charged drop kick if you have space. That avoids grab and any type of follow up. If they start noticing the backdash a lot they may dash in with you and try to counter.

Played a sea of Mika’s tonight. No one puts me on tilt more than her. Here’s what I learned. As Cammy we tend to want to rush down and be in our opponents face, but much like when facing gief we do not want to do that with Mika either. You’re objective is to keep her out at all costs. Wait to anti air or poke them out of charged hk, if they roll in or slide in badly you get to punish. For the most part you’ll want to be standing and walking back and forth. She doesn’t have great low attacks so you can stand and walk farely safely. Only low attack to watch out for is the HK slide which is pretty slow and punishable. If they happen to get a knockdown do not panic. Dping on wake up just isn’t worth it for the most part and is really what want they want you to do anyway as if they block expect to get stunned, lose 50% of your life and be in the corner. Only do it if you are 100% sure they are going to hit a button, otherwise the risk/reward is not there.

On your wake up they are either going to go for a meaty or frame trap to catch you mashing something. If you don’t they’ll switch to grab. I usually walk back on wake up first to see what they tend to do. If they go for jab to mp I just wait it out until they push me out. If they grab I switch to neutral jump. After a few blocks they’ll try to switch to tick grabs which sometimes whiff if you’re holding back, otherwise you can just jump. Watch their strings and then jump when the timing seems right. Takes some practice but you’ll start to see the holes as even if a button hits you on your take off it’s better to roll out then get grabbed. Just keep repeating this until you win. They will get frustrated and start making dumb mistakes because it is hard for them to get in safely. At this point expect desperate attempts at dash forward EX grab which has a ridiculous grab range and does 250 damage or her cross up mp to drop down and make you whiff your anti air. When they do that just block and punish instead of anti airing.

When I happen to get the knock down I tend play very cautiously. I’ll attempt one meaty setup to see if they are mashing jab which most are, but once they get meter I tend to dash forward and quickly block after SA to see if they are doing EX Peach on wakeup (yes I actually give up my knockdown vs trying to keep momentum going against Mika). They rely on that EX peach with armor so much and don’t have fear of throwing it out to reverse the momentum, so you have to be aware when they have meter. If you do anticipate the EX peach you can just grab to beat it if you want to keep them in the corner, but I don’t advise it. It’s better to just block and punish after. The more I slowed down the pressure in this match up the more I won. The harder I went the more I got caught by irish whip frame traps, baited dp’s, and their wake up EX peach. The hardest part is when you are in the corner as you have to guess right and they just have to mash buttons. If they happen to not grab you should v-reversal out right away, but if they do grab you might get stuck in a loop which forces you to jump or dp to get out which they can blow up easily in the corner. It sucks but that is her strength. You have to make it your priority to not let her get you there. The main thing is once you realize this character relies on just getting close to you it makes this match up much easier. We tend to want to be close with Cammy, but not in this match up. Stay out and keep her out. That’s how you beat Mika’s.

If you are cornered, never neutral jump. Jump forward. Better to get yourself out of the corner than hope they do a command grab and get hit with her cr. HP for your troubles.

I noticed that Cammy’s st.MK can kill Mika’s charged HK, and the timing is quite forgiving. Much more forgiving than DP. However, it is weak to Mika’s HK slide. Use it, but don’t abuse it. I’m not sure, but does Cammy’s DP beat Mika’s HK slide? If so, that may be the more versatile option. It’s just harder to time correctly.

Also, Mika’s AA command move (Wingless Airplane I think), where she grabs you out of the air, is super-scary. It grabs early, and it even took me out of Cannon Strikes. It makes it hard to jump at her, and it’s also hard to jump and get away from her if she expects it. Finally, it helps her escape quite safely. I really hate that move of hers…

Oh, finally. if you see s.MP from her, she’s -2, so stick out a jab quick to reverse momentum. Otherwise, she will set up the clap move to Irish Whip, and you don’t want her to even try getting that set up.

Wingless Airplane is scary? How can a move that has no invincible frames and lose to 95% of the jump-ins in the game be scary?
If you let her escape with it, it’s not the move itself. EX can be hard to catch I give you that. The regular versions are pretty slow and realy noticeable, just dash up and knock her down. on maxrange makes her slide useless, it goes under it and thats it,she has to recover longer and pretty much gives every pressureoption up.

If your footsies is on point and you have decent reflexes you can controll her.

Oh and this:

There was a set where K-Brad perfected him 3x during the set, I can’t find it :confused:

I think it’s worth trying to find a meaty set-up that either allows you to block EX Peach in time after you do it, or stuffs it during its early non-armoured frames, just to keep the offensive momentum in your sway. If not a well timed, then something like a meaty cr.lp or another light might work. Of course, this doesn’t account for varying tech rolls, though a combo ending in Hooligan will always allow you to meaty something like cr.lp because they can only tech roll neutrally after it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to test all this out until the weekend.

K Brad punishing the whiff jabs was impressive. I never thought of it as a realistic use as the timing is so strict and you can get grabbed out if they grab tech instead of jab if you are off on timing a bit, but it appears to work against her mashing jab tactic. You just have to be on point with your distance and timing.

Well, tested it out after quick rise HK Arrow knockdowns, you can time a meaty to stuff out EX Peach (for example, dash after Arrow), but there are different timings for each rise. For neutral quick rise, you have to dash and meaty early, and for back quick rise, you have to meaty a bit later. So the opponent can throw off your timing if they switch up their rises from time to time.

How can you tell if the opponent is doing normal or back recovery? When Cammy dashes, it makes both recoveries look similar due to the push from her dash.

Its a slight difference they literally do a back flip as opposed to just doing a hand stand back up