Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Rashid



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Not 100% sure if it was just my buddy doing terrible jump ins but cammy can him even if hes going for a cross up and sometimes it does some weird stuff for his landing creating a mix up for meaty pressure afterwards. I mever felt the need to not anti air or use dp or hk… seemed to wreck him really really bad.


Why is there no more in this thread? Is it because Rashid is a rediculous piece of bull?


The only thing Rashids give me trouble with is -> They use it as frametrap,but I found by now a way to beat it.

Rashid isn’t hard to handle.


Nobody really plays him


Rashid V-reversal Punishes.


Any have general tips on how to approach this matchup? It’s just so weird.


I’ll find more videos, but here is a high level Cammy vs. Rashid match.