Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Urien

Discussion on the Cammy vs Urien match-up goes here.


Am I the only one who thinks it’s strange to punish him. His moves feel incredible “strange” on block. It feels like I have to press the buttons the moment I blocked the move.

I have no clue how to approach this matchup. Some tips would be fantastic.

I have no idea how to approach this matchup either…it seems he outpokes her…and its weird to punish his bs also.

Below is a list of Urien’s moves we tend to have problems with or should look out for and what we can do to deal with them. This match up is definitely a head ache as if you don’t know his specials/buttons he can basically mash all day as so much is plus on block and has really good range.

1.F+mp (looks like his fist is going upwards) is -2 on block, unlike his mp which points down and is +3 on block. On block you can follow up with a st mp or cr mp string to fish for a counter hit. He can also do f+hp after for an over head and it’s -6 on block, but the push back makes it hard to punish with something consistently if he didn’t do it at point blank range. st hp xx special is our longest range option but if you mistime it there is no room for error as its 6 frames exact.

  1. st hp (fast version) is -2 on block (charge version is +4). cr mp is best option after as you can link cr mk if it counter hits but he must be close. If farther away st mp works too but whiffs anything after except st mk as it will hit if the st mp counter hits.

  2. cr mk (after this just block) it’s a low that is plus 2 but he can’t cancel off of it, however he can link on the follow up if your up close so try not to press something after this. If you are in range for it but not blocking cr mp is your best go to as it will generally beat it out. Cr hp is also a way to try and stuff if you are right outside of its range.

  3. st mk is -2 on block. It out ranges our st mk. Do not use st mk/cr mk after you block his st mk as his cr lp will beat out your mk (Cammy’s mk seems to be bad after blocking in this match up with his longer and faster normals). You want to use st mp or st hp after blocking the st mk if you are within his cr lp range, if your are out of that range he can cr mk and it will beat st mp/hp as they will whiff so you will need to do cr mp buffered instead at that range to beat the cr mk and even then it can still lose if you are too far out. Cr hp can work here but will whiff if he doesn’t hit a button which can be dangerous. His mk’s are real pain in the ass for us, but at least he can’t get really get anything off these hits.

  4. Headbutt is -2 and whiffs on crouchers. If you have great reactions as soon as you see him lift up (before he hits the ground) do st mp, st hp xx special is best punish. If he whiffs and you are too slow to punish just do cr lp, st mp, cr mk xx special as he is very likely to try and grab you so you’re jab will ch his grab otherwise just tech. His ex headbutt hits crouchers and is invincible but loses to fast meaty attacks, so if you switch to meaty tick grab setups and block for a split second after you’re first attack you can get a full CC punish.

  5. Tackle + to - 8 (depends on range). This move is a pain in the ass to deal with and the ex version is basically what cammy’s ex dive kick was so I’m not sure why it’s still in the game. I’ll explain more on how to deal with this in the neutral.

  6. Knee drop another move that is + or - depending up where it hits. Hard as hell to tell so I recommend just neutral jumping or cannon spike when you see it as for some reason it loves to trade to with our B+mp. You can try to mp, mk, hp or hk him out of the air if you neutral jump. If I don’t hit him out of the air I recommend mp as you are coming down as it sticks down low the fastest while landing.

  7. Fireballs. They all have massive recover. You can basically react with v-skill or a jump in and get a full punish if you are at least 3/4 screen away.

  8. Cr hk is - 14 you can punish with cr mk xx special usually if that doesn’t work cr hp will if that doesn’t work then Spiral arrow will reach.

In the neutral you want to be just outside his st mk or closer. Pay attention to his charge after a max distanced blocked st mk as it leaves him at a position that makes a blocked lk tackle ambiguous as if it is safe or not. If he does tackle try to punish with lp, lp xx SA (I do two jabs even though only one can sometimes hit as he can be -1 to -2 if at the perfect range so the second jab gives me time to hit confirm). If he doesn’t do it then move a little closer so he is forced to block your attacks and wait a little after your string to see if he does tackle or headbutt, if he does lk tackle after that he will be close enough to punish with a full cr mp, cr mp xx SA. The minute differences in the range on this move making it -5 to -1 is stupid. Just try to figure out what range you don’t want to be at so you don’t have to worry if it’s punishable or not. Just like with Balrog I don’t recommend whiffing normals against him due to their fast forward specials, but against Balrog we can at least stuff his dash punch with a st lp. Urien’s tackle seems to beat or trade with everything so whiffing against him just isn’t a good idea.

If they try and activate aegis not on a hit start by blocking low and look for the overhead, if they overhead you can jump over for a cross up after blocking, if they walk forward look to tech the grab or just jump forward to cross them up. The delay to grab is a gap you can use to hit a button or jump out. Just know that if you are in block stun they can’t grab you so if you are stuck in between the aegis and his hits you only have to tech if they stop hitting you and you aren’t getting hit by the aegis. can be used as a safe meaty against Urien. I recorded (and even posted) this 3 months ago but never really put it up here. I was going for st.lp and this happened.
I’m not doing it on purpose - my “natural timing” constantly makes this happen - so it can’t be that hard to recreate and properly setup. I’d try it myself but I don’t feel like buying Urine.

I was able to block his ex headbutt after a st mp meaty even. Light meaty’s are safer though I think.

Hi guys, nvm,any1 here knows very well against urien matchup?it seems like his things is very weird to punish and i hardly deal with uriens players during online so might need guidelines, sorry for trouble == hehe

Sorry for responding so late.

Standing MK and whiff punishing are key to winning the match-up. Also, EX Shoulder into the 2nd Aegis Reflector is really unsafe. Like -12 or something. Don’t let him get away with that.

if you do target combo into lk arrow you get a safe jump with j. lk. it works against ex headbutt on both quick/bankroll. thats how im able to survive. against most characters that outclass her in buttons you just have to score a knockdown and run a setup to keep the tempo high to force errors. cammy is all about forcing errors with fast paced play