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What to do in neutral? How to aproach? Good vega players are so elusive, and good zoners


Dive kick.


You’ve got good normals too. And a dive kick when you decide neutral is boring, but be wary of good Vegas who will bait your jump with a powerful aa response. Convincing them to block in neutral for quick dashes is a good idea. You can punish f.hp with spiral arrow. Just basic neutral and respect his claw options.


What do you guys do against Vega’s wall dive?

I see someone wrote LK DP, but sometimes the DP won’t come out if he crosses up your inputs. Also, he can fake it and stop short and the DP will whiff.

Sorry, I’m sure most of you figured this out day 1, but I’ve literally fought against a Vega like 3 times.


I use jmp


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.