Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Zangief

Discussion on the Cammy vs Zangief match-up goes here.

just a side note, AA is amazing against gief.

I had a slight problem with Zangief players mashing cr.lp, because when he is in close range, it tends to beat out a lot of Cammy’s normals, including I went to the lab, and found out that if you’re a little outside his jab range, can beat his mash cr.lp with the right timing. If he doesn’t mash and jabs in intervals, should be able to penetrate his arm for a counter. Just a heads up, because even though his jab is 4f, it’s still very dangerous when he uses it in the neutral game.

I recently ran into a Zangief that was mixing in v-skill on wakeup to blow up my meaty pressure. I didn’t adapt quickly enough and lost the match. Not really sure what I should even do if I run into this. Has anyone else seen this?

In theory shouldn’t meaty mp, cr or st, into HK SA work? He can only absorb two hits. Also can’t you go for meaty jab or meaty mp and then just grab or does he grab you first?

I usually just walk up grab v skill happy Giefs dunno how legit that strat is tho

The issue with that is it’s in Giefs favor if you keep doing that isn’t it? Think about it. Say he is V-skill happy, so you grab. Gief takes basically no damage and resets the neutral. He realizes he has you thinking he is going to v-skill so he responds by doing wake up SPD instead which beats your grab for 240 damage and a setup. Both situations are favorly to Gief. I think the safe option is to go in with a fast 3 hit string, like lp, lp then SA if you see the red. I’m having a hard time testing this in the lab though as I can’t time the hold and release like someone would in a real game (wish they’d let us record after a wakeup instead of just one reversible move). It seems to work when I have him v-skill on wake up with guard all on with mp xx SA or lp, lp xx SA as he appears to be hit before recovering. As long as it’s a 3 hit combo faster than 31 frames you should be able to punish it since it takes that long for him to activate the walk foward. Now that I think of it shouldn’t EX Hooligan Slicer blow it up too as it’s 3 hits. I wonder if you can grab him out of it also with it? Hmm jab into target combo should technically work too, but might be too hard to hit confirm or SPD punishable on block of the b+mp? Need to do some testing, but don’t have anyone here to see what works.

Wouldnt meaty him and beat him in neutral at that point.

Well I wouldnt grab everytime he wakes up just once in a while 2 keep him honest but yeah like I said b4 I dunno how gd of an idea that is and what u said doesn’t seem 2 support it as a gd option.

The only thing I do in this MU is playing Footsies and Giefs have real problems with this.

Regular SPD’s can also be thrown btw. only EX is throwinvincible.
So just mix the stuff on his wakeup up, I never had any problems beating Gief in the neutral,so reseting it with throws isn’t a bad option ,not to mentoi that he has serious problems once he’s cornerd.

So if you grab and Zangief SPD’s at the exact same time your grab wins? I thought specials had priority?

No,Commandgrabs already lost to normal throws in IV, the difference is both are now 5f fast. instead of 2f vs 3f.
The SPD will only win if it’s the EX version,cause this version is throw invincible or if his SPD comes faster out than your throw like headbutt -> SPD,cause Zangief is +.

I think you’re right, but 4’s trade mechanics are different than 5’s plus the frames have changed.

According to the guide trade priority doesn’t apply to special moves.

“If a special move or jumping attack is involved in a trade scenario, they will simply trade as normal, with both characters entering hitstun. Note finally that throws will win over strikes if they clash on the same frame.”

But it doesn’t say if a special grab will beat or lose to a standard grab. Technically they trade normally, but two grabs can’t trade, someone has to win and I thought it was the special. Can anyone test this out? I’ve always lost to R. Mikas/Giefs if I went for grab and instead of teching they command grabbed, so I figured special grabs beat regular grabs, but maybe my timing was off by one frame.


Honestly I never get close enough to find out how to block or punish it. My games with him are me standing at max st hk range and catching all his starts up or jump ins. Apparently you can jab punish him after he finishes a spin cycle as well, but I haven’t tested it.

Am I the only person who rushes gief down? He has bad anti airs and you can throw him on wakeup relatively safely.

I do if I feel like I’m losing in footsies. U would b surprised at how many Giefs have bad defense because they expect u 2 space them out.

For spin cycle, do you mean his V-Trigger (Cyclone Lariat)? If so, then there are three types of this attack, with the shortest duration at -6 and the other longer variations at -3. His shortest one, it ends quickly and you’re better off getting your cr.lp x2 >> SA in. He will SPD you otherwise, if you don’t do anything. The other two, I believe it will put you in a state where you cannot be SPDed (he ends up slightly separated from you)… but you might be able to start a cr.lp combo. This probably needs lab work.

Yeah thats the one. The only time I tried it was in a tournament with a new gief who came out of anywhere before we really knew matchups. I read online you can punish it with a jab if you block it, so I was like let me try just mashing jab while I’m blocking it to see if it works. Well it didn’t work and I got bodied for trying so I went back to the game plan of just staying the F out which worked out much better. The timing is too strict I think and it’s not exactly the easiest move to see when it ends so you can anticipate when to punish. Doing lab work on it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea though.