CAMMY Match Up Thread


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I do ok against mid-ranked players but when it comes to a decent player, I’m having trouble deciding what the shit is causing me to lose. Essentially it goes like this: We play footsies, maybe I win an exchange. Eventually I get hit and they just rush the shit out of me. It feels like spending meter to v-counter is a waste since it’s slow and they just stop when it comes out, then go right back in since I’m at disadv. Bison’s CA gets stuffed on wakeup, no ex moves are invincible…what do? Halp! Not salty just want to understand. Will come back and post a replay to search for

You need to zone her out in the beginning. Blast beats her safe options. Anti air everything. Mk hk hp axe cr mp for footsies.

If she gets in you need to block her stuff. Most is reactable now. She can high low you if she gets the cross up on hooligan. Just block it all and sparingly try to tech throw. Eating a throw is better than being bated into teching and eating a combo.

Ex blast is great against characters who just push forward.

If you knock her down. Fish for meaty crush counters but know she can reversal dp. So do nothing sometimes.

Just played a good one…

They walk around a lot thinking they’re the shit with their walk speed. Crawl into range and hit them with the slide.

V reversal is good to reset to zoning/slide tactic.

Don’t quite follow. What should I be trying to blast?

Cammy walks up and uses mk or hp in her footsies, she may a hooligan to get in. If you just hang back and use blasts and mk, she won’t be able to approach. Watch for jump ins of course.

EX Blast is actually pretty poor against Cammy because she has multiple projectile invincible options - EX Spiral Arrow, VT Spiral Arrow, Spin Knuckle, and Super. All of these options will lead into a knockdown, which is definitely not where you want to be.

Cammy doesn’t have the mid range control that Bison has, so you can frustrate them with long range normals like people have said previously. Just be ready to AA, and be wary of the dive kick since it changes her jump angle and timing.

It can also catch you if you’re being overzealous with the pokes, so don’t get too predictable. Try feinting with a low risk move like st.LK or st. LP, and punish the jump if you see it.

So here is me getting wrecked. Idk when I can start my offense. I’m afraid to press buttons during her strings and when she reaches the end of it that standing mk is stuffing nearly everything. Also I’m assuming I could have punished those spiral arrows with something better than throw? Last round I was down and just walked I to th standing mediums. Anything I could do to improve in general or in the matchup? Was afraid to use cr hp to anti air the cannon spikes

I entered a tournament and got blown up by a cammy in losers. I have never fought a cammy ever since my connection is so shit, so a lot of what I saw today I’ve never seen before. Also, I punished spiral arrow with throw when I’m sure I could have gotten way more off with st Hk or at least cr mp

I do need help in the matchup I wanted to make a vested effort to anti air but not sure what button beats cannon spike. I also tried my best not to texh throws. But the corner pressure was rough.

I’ll upload it tomorrow

^Yeah, I find this matchup is difficult as well and this video pretty much 100% sums up my struggle against a buddy of mine that plays Cammy. A lot of Cammy players that I have played seems to have a gameplan to push me to the corner and continue the cr. mp, mk or throw. I feel like I am playing very defensively as well a lot of times during this matchup. I wish I can help you but I am in a need for help as well in this matchup.

I also got a hard time against cammy. However, her V-Skill can easly be stuffed by cr.lp and even s.HK for a crushcounter. You seem to just block it and she’s safe on block.

What are her general weaknesses? I’ve done ok with Bison against her but I play a lot of characters, so I’d like to know her weaknesses so I can transfer it across my character selections.

You can’t jump at her. She’s got great normals and her mixup stuff it pretty much all safe or + on block if you don’t manage to stuff it out of the air.

Spiral arrow and her dp are ridiculously unsafe but thats about it.

What’s going on with her air cannon strikes? What height makes them safe/unsafe and is ex + on block or something?

I’m going to have to do some research in training mode with her but I don’t really use her, so I might not be able to just figure out her weaknesses that easily. She seems super strong to me.

Keeping her at medium range is the sweet spot against Cammy. I feel like it’s best to get the life lead and sit back at medium to long distance range is where you want her. Most online players will get desperate and throw out random spiral arrows and cannon spikes, punish it every chance you get.

He is whiffing a TON of buttons. Not by much, but it’s very consistent. At least in the first game I watched. Cammy has a ton of plus frames up close, but not at the range she was at when you were getting yourself kicked in the face trying to jump out of the corner. Let this particular Cammy player hang himself and counter poke with something like cr.MK>scissors to get yourself out of the corner. A lot of her plus frame pokes aren’t exactly prime candidates for your Vskill either. He had you panicked because you didn’t know how to respond to those buttons, which you admit yourself. The key is that if she’s willing to push herself that far away from you with her block strings, then you’ve got opportunities to get yourself out of the corner via conventional means, counter pokes and punishing her whiffed buttons, not trying to jump over her s.MK so many times.

He’ll do a blockstring into s.MK and then keep sticking that button out into the empty air in front of you. Kick her fucking ankle out with cr.MK and back her up. If that’s too short (it shouldn’t be at that range but lolhurtboxes) then stick out something like s.HP>blast to give yourself more space to breathe, even if it’s blocked.

thanks I’ll give that a try. Something i really struggle with in general is learning when to throw out counter pokes and punish these whiff normals. I will try to make a vested effort to try to contest the ends of these block strings with my buttons as well. (when they get pushed out of range and into that random poke shit). sometimes I feel bisons buttons are too slow but ill try to use more st hp, st mk and cr mk in these situations.

Played long, close sets, with a gold Cammy yesterday… The player was solid and I could start to tell the matchup. First, random dash in her face isn’t possible, you’ll eat cr.LP x 2 xx Spiral each time. Jumping at her is bloody useless too, she can beat j.HP clean with a st.MP (from what I can tell).
My main problem is AA in this matchup because although cr.HP is decent, she can Cannon Strike all day, and you don’t want her in. You can adjust your timing but it’s dangerous, even so because it often trades. My sparring partner even jumped just at range to make me whiff my cr.HP and go cr.MK xx Spiral on my ass. Maybe we can VSkill her dives I don’t know.

So I came to the conclusion that, basically, you need to turtle at mid-range. If she jumps you can react to it by jumping to or trying cr.HP. I just stood right outside her st.MK range to tag it with st.HP and poke her with cr/st.MK. Fishing for CC is good too, but not so easy to me, especially since Bison walks like a fucking grandma.

Overall it feels like a pretty closed/footsies matchup.

Played a good set with a decent Cammy finally, sure she bleeds if you hit her with her low 900 stun and health, but holy hell is is it hard to get her off of you when she gets in.

I feel like I have no answer to low dive kicks (normal ones even) and it seems to put her at frame advantage every time, and as a character with no reversals and can’t afford to v-reversal often due to slow v-trigger charge, this sucks so much. Only times I managed to win is by keeping on trading with her since I usually win the trade due to life advantage. She has good pokes and 3 frame jab so dashing usually ends up with you getting jabbed like someone else mentioned or walking into medium kicks.

You can also forget about jumping in on her, Canon spikes for normal range and her back thing even covers cross up attempts and is super fast at 4 frames startup with 4 active frames…

I’m pretty sure if she lands low enough with dive kick to be plus, she’s not in grab range. She can still take a small step forward to grab and she has good walkspeed, but that’s at least something you can see her do. Take small steps backwards if you feel like you need to, forcing her to low check with a slower low like, which invalidates the frame advantage off dive kick. You can beat that with buttons, not her faster pokes obviously, but make her think about which option to choose, otherwise she’ll just autopilot +2, +2, grab, divekick, +2 CH drill combo, etc.

If she lands higher up with the drill to land in grab range, obviously the advantage isn’t as good anymore and you might be able to jab her out. If any lab monsters want to correct me on the advantage off drills, feel free.

I’m neutral jumping a lot more in this match up. I cannot stand getting dive kicked in general. It’s kind of lame fighting Cammy players. But I salute Capcom in making her a huge button check against mashers. Because she totally wrecks them

Cammy Data

900 Vitality.
900 Stun.

Remember CC S.HK walkforward S.HK, C.MP xx MP.Inferno does 465 Stun compared to 420 if you use Pyscho Axe after the CC S.HK. Its the difference between dizzy and no dizzy if you land the CC combo twice.

If you follow Back throw, Psycho Axe with S.MK you beat all her option other than DP. The Axe hits meaty granting at least +2 advantage allow you to counter his 6 frame S.MP and S.HP, the hitbox on S.MK seems to stuff her faster light normals clean. If you hit her with the Axe while she’s crouching you can still combo into C.MP. If you land the counter hit, then S.HP xx Inferno/Knee Press.

While Cammy has a 3 frame C.LP normal to contest a follow up to blocked Pyscho Axe it only does 20 damage. Bison’s S.LK, S.LP and C.LP does 30 damage and he will also knock off the 13 grey damage from the blocked Pyscho Axe. So its a trade win of at least 23 for Bison against a low health character. That’s assuming Cammy has not amassed more grey damage from blocking normals or V-Reversal.

Cammy’s Pokes.
S.MK which has a 9 frame start up and is -2 on block. Has better range than Bison’s S.MK but is 2 frames slower.
C.MK which has 7 frame start up and is -3 on block. Has better range than Bison’s C.MK for the same speed but Bison’s S.MK slightly out ranges it.
C.HP which has 9 frame start up and is -2 on block. Superior range to Bison’s S.MK but slightly less than range than her S.MK.

Her S.MP. S.HP and C.MP are fast normals that gave her frame advantage on block and are good for frame traps but they lack range.

Command Normals
Her Knee Bullet is -2 on block. So use C.LP xx LP.Blast to space her out, throw in block every know and then to catch her trying to be cute with her DP. Despite how this animation looks, its not airborne and it doesn’t crush lows.

Mid Screen Cammy gets no meaty pressure from either throw if you use normal recovery.

Nothing much to say about Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike. Spiral Arrow no longer hits low so Cammy will hardly use it outside of Combo’s. It can be spaced safe at max range. Just remember her EX. Spiral Arrow has projectile invincibility so be careful if your using EX.Psycho Blast as a get in tool. Her LK/EX. Cannon Spikes starts up in 3 frames meaning she can not be safe jumped. However MP.Inferno followed by an immediate empty forward jump allow you block in time and force her to make a fast decision on whether to DP or not.

Cannon Strike
At best its +1 on block, so unless Cammy hits very low your going get frame advantage to space her away.
In V-trigger its +4 on block.

Hooligan Combination
Cannon Strike is -4 on standing opponents and -2 on crouching opponents.
The EX version is on block…
Razer Edge Slicer is -2 on block
EX. Razer Edge Slicer is +3 on block.
Fatal Leg Twister.
Whiff on crouchers and does not set up any meaties mid screen.
Cross Scissors Pressure
Works only on airborne opponents. Cammy’s only throw that sets up meaties mid screen. But will be landed very rarely.

Critical Art
Has 4 frame start up, can punish LK.Knee Press if both hits are blocked regardless of spacing. You may be able to trick her by using MK.Knee Press as a bait.

Axel Spin Kunckle. Forward moving attack with a whopping 36 frame start up. Counter hit it back to the stone age. Its +2 on block so mind the pressure after you block it.
Its also an anti fireball tool, so again watch out if your using EX. Pyscho Blast.

At 17 frames its actually 2 frames slower than Bison’s V-Reversal. It will never punish light or medium strength normals. Hits as a cross up. Unlike most V-Reversal which are -2 on block this is actually -8, and is quite punishable on block.