Cammy Match Up Thread

Discuss your thoughts and tactics for this match up here -

This seems like one of Guile’s more difficult matches.

She has many ways to get around booms, get in your face easily AND has a meterless reveresal.

Cammy has the move set to get around fireballs.

When she has full metre, watch out. she can pretty much do super on reaction to SB’s.

A lot of her specials are unsafe so make the punishes count. a lot of her attacks leave her at + so it is important to know when to stick out pokes.

I’ve been pretty successful with catching cammy’s v-skill by using guiles VS. If its done with the right spacing you can combo into cr.MPxxFK.

But sometimes she just bounces away once making contact with the stationary sonic blade.

Any thoughts on this tactic?

if you do a v skill and her v skill gets hit by it late in the active frames then you can combo (cr mpxxfk usually) which is nice. Otherwise I like to beat the v skill with cr lp, which combos into cr mpxxflash kick because it’s a ch. On a read you could instead do st hp for a big cc combo but I usually stick to cr lp.

I feel like in this match-up flash kick is vital. If you have flash kick charged, you can flash on reaction to any jump or hooligan without having to worry about her mixing it up and you can easily punish the v skill. I like to use the crouching normals to poke as well just to keep fk charged.

So my basic gameplan is to keep her out of my face with cr mk, cr lk, cr lp, cr mp and sonic booms and just be ready to flash kick any of her jumps.

Such an annoying match that can shift in the blink of an eye with one mistake. Her buttons pretty much all beat ours with speed and + frames, so staying right outside of her poke (s.MK) range is very important. Guile absolutely needs to use b./f.MK and Knee for spacing and mobility in this matchup, along with well-placed and unpredictable Boom pressure. She’s got a ton of ways around predictable/gimmicky Sonic Booms (Spin Knuckle, EX Drill, DP, Dive Kicks, Super, Hooligan, etc) so you either want to throw precise HP and EX Booms in her face just outside her range to check her when she gets antsy, or ONLY on wake-up and outside her jump range. When she has bar, only use them in punishes, max range, combos or block strings or you’ll get blown up for free every time. Properly applied Flash Kicks to interrupt, meaty CCs, baiting anti-airs with s./c.LP and V-Skill and punishing and maximizing every damage opportunity is 100% necessary in this match because her “YOLO” moveset and low stamina/stun makes her a glass cannon that inevitably exposes herself to a lot of risk and BIG damage from Guile with only a couple mistakes.

A good Cammy will pretty much walk all over you in neutral if you let her, so sticking out the occasional b.HP, f.MK, f.HP, or c.MK isn’t a bad idea at max range (if you have the meter and Trigger, b. or f.HPxxVTxxCA is a great CC or whiff punish). You don’t want to swarm her at all though and always have a block and/or V-Reversal ready to deal with the inevitable reprisal. You really don’t want to get hit with much as she will always confirm into huge damage off of any c.MP/s.MP/c.MK/f.HK which are all faster than most of your pokes, so stay out of close range and fish for CCs and s./c.LP combos if you’re not being bullied. They will jump in without fear if you have no charge, disrespect your Boom game and constantly fish for pokes into VT when she has meter, where a clean hit will see minimum 40-60% of your life disappearing. It’s also rough for Guile on wake up because her f.HK and DP blows up throw/tech attempts AND FK unless it’s EX, not to mention she can frame trap with c.MP into pretty much anything. You also can’t really jump much of course because of DP and her already-good anti-air normals.

On paper this is probably one of Guile’s worst matchups (I’d say 6-4 at worst or 5.5/4.5), but it’s far from unwinnable, only tough. Without an overhead, everything can be blocked fairly easily and outside of throws, she has has no honest way to approach you or open you up without putting herself at risk. Late LK FK, EX FK, early c.HP or s.MK will ALWAYS beat her Dive Kick, even EX. Hooligan can be punished pretty much on reaction by any of Guile’s AAs, or if you’re feeling saucy, get that daddy damage with CC s.HP > df.HK > FK. Drills are super punishable by anything on block, but be careful when she has V-Trigger popped (blocked VT Drill crosses up and leaves her a significant distance further away), c.MK is the only thing that will hit her fast enough and far enough - anything else gets you a Super on reaction. Blocked DPs get a CC s.HP and 30% life gone for them, try to bait them out with safe jumps on wake up. Spin Knuckle should be CC’d by s.HP or b.HP on reaction; Cammy players love to try to anticipate your Boom with it, and if blocked they will almost inevitably go for c.MP to continue pressure - and that’s where you interrupt with EX FK. If they jump a lot, also reminds them you have Air Throws. If you find yourself in close, frame traps with s.LP and s.MP, blockstrings (c.LK>c.LP>c.MPxxHP Boom, c.LPx2 xx Boom, etc), meaty CCs, the occasional EX FK to interrupt and the shimmy/throw game are your best bet for offense and get-off-me. Once you show her you’re not free on the ground or air, she’ll be much less likely to walk all over you in neutral, and without massive momentum and capitalizing on dumb mistakes, Cammy is far less scary.

WTF does Guile do against her cr.hp? I couldn’t find an answer. I tried b.hp to crush counter it but that didn’t work very well. didn’t do very good either?

I’m starting to notice a pattern - Guile really struggles when a character has a normal that he doesn’t have an answer to.

Haven’t tried but b mk is probably good against cr hp. Otherwise just keep throwing booms.

Heh so I was watching L.I Joe’s stream last night and I noticed the gamertag Alex Myers was using and realised that it was his Cammy that made me make the previous post in this thread. It came straight after a 20 game set with him lol. I don’t feel so bad about losing now because I did very well.

The main issue I have with this match is the constant block strings that eventually ends up pushing me into the corner at times. Usually, it’s easy for me to adapt when playing other characters but I just never can get the Cammy match right (against good Cammy players anyway).

What should i do to punish spin knuckle ? (v-skill) Its safe on block as far as i know but i always panic and never know what button to use before it comes towards me and forces me to block.

Throw out backfists, burn straights and standing HK. Backfists give you the biggest damage opportunity because of spin knuckles always crush counter. Burnstraights come out the fastest and cause knockdowns. Standing hard kick is the slowest but it covers a lot of range and it can’t be ducked under.

You have to make cammy fear your normals. Once you do that she will stop doing spin knuckles and then you can start up your sonic boom game again.