Cammy match video



Scroll down near the bottom to Nakano vs Combofiend.

Watch this video!

I hope after reading my guide you will never play like this again. Anyway, this will be a good video to analyze to see because many common Cammy mistakes were committed here.

I will do an analysis after I finish the guide.


Hahaha, that guy sucks. His s.HK’s kept losing to the elite sigley strategy of sweep x 100. No point using his FREE supers either right? Better to just press s.HP or d.MK or nothing instead…


Ok here’s a brief outline of the fight!

The match concerned is K-Cammy vs A-Rock. It begins at 00:30.

The first mistake is made at 00:31. Here, Cammy does a Spiral Arrow to begin the match. The risk/reward is not in your favour. Many people jump vertically to begin matches because that’s a safe thing to do. Then if you foolishly did a spiral arrow, they will combo you.

For the next 5 seconds, this is standard Cammy play (i.e. whore st HK). Then at 00:37 Cammy does cr MK -> spiral arrow. This is acceptable because a) Rock has no anti-air move since he is not charged, and b) most people won’t roll through the spiral arrow the first time.

However, a few seconds later Cammy does another two cr MK -> spiral arrow. This cannot be recommended! Horrible of the century. She does do the just defend though (you should always do this after a blocked spiral arrow because it’s riskless).

Around 00:49 Cammy throws Rock with punch throw. We prefer to throw with kick because then we can maintain the momentum and do huge damage to Rock, not to throw with punch and then be far away after he safe falls.

After Cammy gets raged, Cammy does a common K groove mistake: jumping all the time when raged. Never do this. Instead, make a huge cardboard sign saying “I am really predictable, please anti-air CC me” and place it in front of you instead

At 00:58 Cammy whiffs a standing roundhouse. We don’t recommend doing this against good players. (Against crappy players they try to retaliate but they choose the wrong move, and their sprite moves forward and gets counter hit by the st HK and bam! you cancel into super for huge damage)

Cammy then gets caught by a random CC activation. Maybe not so random but who knows what these crazy A groove players think?! I can’t say it was a huge mistake because I would have done that too. However Cammy has no excuse at 01:05 for mis-timing the wake-up. Bad Cammy.

Then at 01:12 we see Cammy freak out and do HK cannon spike for no reason at all! Even though Cammy managed to get Rock with a lucky cannon spike afterwards, we don’t recommend this. Then Cammy messes up an attempted cr MK -> spiral arrow to punish the Rock elbow.

Later Cammy gets a cr MK countered by Rock’s crack counter. This was a pretty dumb on Rock’s part though, but maybe the Cammy was too freaked out and just spazzed on random buttons and got predictable.

So: to recap. Lessons to learn here:

  1. Don’t randomly do spiral arrow.
  2. Don’t mess up your combos.
  3. Don’t randomly do HK cannon spikes.
  4. Don’t mess up your wake-up cannon spike/supers.
  5. Don’t freak out.
  6. Don’t whiff pokes.
  7. Don’t jump all day when raged.
  8. Do throw with kick throw, not punch throw.
  9. Do press HP a lot.


good stuff = P… do you have an example of GOOD Cammy play?:smiley:


watch just about any vid of Ino’s rushdown K-cammy or ricky ortiz’s turtling cammy (either C/A).



Where can I obtain a video of this Ricky Ortiz turtle Cammy?



NEC3/ECC8 DVD’s. or get on the go for broke hub on direct connect and search for his vid’s. just imagine a cammy playing perfect footsies with only using rh, walking back and forth, cannon spiking jump ins, and doing rh xx super if needed.

(i’m not saying it’s that simple what he’s doing, but that’s the basic idea)


on the NEC trailer u see him vs Ino… not a long match, but still pretty good, ull get to see what a good cammy ons, right at the end he cannen spikes jumps ins and all… everything is rh and all… he be good



How do I use this goforbroke hub?

Newbie question. plzkthx.


that has all the info you need. i’d say the biggest problem most people have starting off is that they don’t put it in passive mode. but just follow the directions and ask any questions there and you’ll be up in no time.


Atleast his cammy was better than his blanka. It’s not smart to do non-rc ball rolls up close. And instead of c.rh, he should’ve supered the guy after he broke his guard. I have never seen a K-blanka so afraid of attacking. He should have played C blanka, it fits his style more.


Ok! I found a non-sucky Cammy!
But I don’t have a link because it’s from the Evo 2003 thing. You have to buy the DVD and do crazy stuff like that to see it!

Anyway, it’s the Justin Wong vs Jason Cole matchup. Justin’s Cammy is good. Yeah.

Also you can see how Ino and Daigo play Cammy. But that’s like crazy combo rushdown Cammy and takes insane amounts of skill. I’m not going to bother with that because a) you probably will screw it up under tourney pressure, and b) if you’re so good, go play A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison instead.

I am open to links to videos that are free, though, so we can all enjoy and stuff.


You rule.

ok first of all, i was wondering, who the fuck are you?  i haven't been updated on the cvs2 scene much, or any other fighting games for the matter, only the well known people.  have u won or placed in any tournaments, with good people?  cuz u seem to talk so fuckin much, like u know this game inside out.

second, wtf the is point of watching a shitty cammy?  there's nothing to fuckin learn here.  your recap shit is just reiteration of telling people not to do what the guy did, and they can just watch the video.  combofiend is good at cvs, he might have actually anticipated what the cammy guy was gonna do.  don't mess up your combos?  wtf kinda stupid ass obvious advice is that?  don't freak out?  how the fuck can u tell how that guy's expressionn is a freaked out look, by looking at a rh cannon spike?  am i the only one that feels this way about this guy?  

then again, who knows, he just might turn out to be combofiend himself, or someone who's pretty good at this game.  or not.


Who cares who he is? Read it what he has to say and if you dont like his advice dont take it, if he says something that sounds like it might work think about it and then use it if you think so too. Obviously people who post here arent going to be right 100% of the time no matter who they are, thats why its a discussion forum so people can discuss not blindly follow.


I agree with digdoug006. That guy is full of himself. He has an ego the size of California

I just wish people would be able to discuss things without making other players seem like they suck by making fun of their play in videos. I mean videos aren’t even at all like real matches as well. I bet if that guy was playing against combofiend he’d get his ass kicked so bad.


who CARES who he is? well first of all fuckin SMART ASS, it would help a lot if he was someone like alex valle, Gee-O, or INO, or people known like that, in which of course i’m being too optimistic. try out WHAT stuff, his advice is to NOT FUCK UP UR COMBOS, and shit like that. meanwhile he talks all this shit to people like they suck and he’s good. if u FUCKIN had to to read his post and my reply, i doubt u would’ve replied stupidly like u just did. and don’t u think i already READ his shit, and that’s why i QUOTED and responded to him? u a fuckin noob?


like im gonna listen to you, unless ur combofiend or ino


That’s the attitude guys. Don’t bother listening to anyone (unless they’re Alex Valle or Gee-O), even if what they say is true or might actually work.

When Cammy presses punch, then qcf+kick, it’ll do a two hit combo. Oh shit… better not listen to that… :confused:


lol… the word that comes to mind : nuthugger

and i don’t care who burghy is at this point. his threads have made my cammy better, and thats all that matters…