Cammy match vids

To help people learn the character better, I want to post up high level match vids with Cammy on point. So if you’ve got any good Cammy vids or know of them, please share.

High tier matches

Justin Wong (Cammy/Cyclops/Doom) vs. Casey (Sent/Cable/Cammy)

Demon Hyo (Psylocke/Cammy/Tron) vs. Flapp (Rogue/Cable/Tron)

Demon Hyo (Psylocke/Cammy/Tron) vs Flapp (Cable/Sent/CC)

Demon Hyo (Psylocke/Cammy/Tron) vs MikeHeart (BH/Sent/Guile)

Deshawn (Rowtron) vs. Flapp (Cammy/Doom/Chun Li)

vids (Cable/Spiral/Doom) vs. pabs (Cammy/Sent/Tron)

Low tier matches

Disgruntled Goat (Cammy/Gambit/SonSon) vs. Red Devil Ninja (Zangief/Colossus/Omega Red and Ruby Heart/Blackheart/Juggernaut)

Disgruntled Goat (Cammy/Gambit/SonSon) vs. TheBranten (Jill/Blackheart/SonSon) 1

Disgruntled Goat (Cammy/Gambit/SonSon) vs. TheBranten (Jill/Blackheart/SonSon) 2

Disgruntled Goat (Cammy/Gambit/SonSon) vs. Justin Wong (Cyclops/Gambit/Morrigan)

Good Shit! I use to play a lot of Cammy back in the day and a friend of mine just reminded me how fierce I was with her. I want to stat using more teams with her but I need some more strategies. These vids. will help out, thanks man!

What do you think is the best Cammy team?

I’m using Cammy/Storm/Doom