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Hi I’m a Chun player and I have some questions:how do I stop getting hit by full screen hooligan combos and the EX version? (They abuse it on me because I cant stop it and I end up losing) I crouch and still get caught by it and when I neutral jump I still get caught also when I just block and try to tech I get caught If I back dash I get caught How do I stop it?. Also is there anything that stuffs cannon spike on Cammy’s wake up because as soon as I knock her down and go for a cross up or tick throw they go reversal happy how do I stop that (Mostly Cammy players in ranked match) They also go reversal happy in the middle of my combos and I’m not messing up on my combos so how am I getting reversal in between cr.short>cr.lp>cr.short>exlegs or cr.short>cr.short>exlegs

This is not a troll post I just need help.


To beat hooligan just crouch and mash jab. Or if you see it coming you can Kikousho on reaction.

If your opponent is using reversals during your blockstrings, then shorten them to simple two normal strings like c.jab, c.jab. Then block and if they reversal they’ll go flying which will give you a free punish. If you suspect them to mashing reversal during your combos then purposely drop the combo and block, then punish.


First of all you probably should have asked here:

You can definitely crouch hooligans, and do something like cr.LK cr.LP st.FP combo or whatever you want. Crouching and then comboing is probably your best bet. If you’re already jumping, you can definitely do a quick normal to beat it out. If you’re both at neutral, you can mostly st.FP or cr.HK Cammy out of it. Lastly, if your reactions are good, you can just straight up U2. You can’t block, or else it’ll throw you. You can backdash, but Cammy might opt to do razor’s edge instead. Again, crouching and then doing your free combo solves useless full screen hooligans.

If you’re asking if there’s anything that stuffs Cammy’s CSpike on wakeup then I’m questioning your expertise with Chun… do you not know your safe jump setups? Cammy’s CSpike starts in 5 frames. Also you may be able to try df+HK, that cross over kick thing. I’m not sure if Cammy can reliably autocorrect CSpike it.

If you’re getting reversaled in the middle of your combos, then you definitely are messing up your combos. Maybe post a replay to see what exactly it is you’re doing that you’re getting reversaled out of. In any case, it sounds more like you need to learn how to bait/punish.


Thanks for posting that link ill post my questions there next time. Ill try dropping combos and waiting for the canon spike then punish.
That’s probably why I get reversal allot and sorry for the other question I asked about safe jumps it was kinda dumb because j.fp 1 hit forces Cammy to block on wake up I’ll post a replay when I go against a Cammy player. Thanks for the help


If Cammy’s in your combo, she can’t get out unless you miss the link. If your combos are getting interrupted by Spike, then you’re messing something up, as Cammy is not a KI character.

To me, when you refer to “combos” it sounds like you mean blockstrings. The thing you must remember is with most combos, if you use the same thing as blockstrings, it will most likely have a hole for the opponent to reversal out of. This is because blockstun is less than hitstun for just about every attack in the game.

Chun has safe jumps from foward throw it with and j.hp. She has an “unblockable” against Cammy, which is set up after foward throw by an immediate foward dash and then Cammy’s reversal Spike gets stuffed by it, and non-reversal Spike will whiff. I don’t think Cammy can auto-correct Spike it. If so, it’s extremely difficult to do, especially if Chun is mixing it up. Chun also has an “unblockable” on Cammy. After xx Ex Legs, walk foward a tad bit and If Cammy quick rises with normal timing, it will crossup or hit in front depending on how Cammy tries to block it, and reversal Spike whiffs. I think she can get the same thing after foward throw too, but I can’t remember how to set that up.


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