CAMMY Matchup Thread

Knowledge, tips, and tricks in here.

I can tell you right now - Someone did this exact same thing when Decapre came out and people didn’t like it then. They won’t now.

I get what you’re trying to do but you’re better off just throwing stuff around in the matchup thread so the knowledge is there for when we get a matchup thread that’s going to get updated.

In the matchup thread people said they wanted it. I’ll stop, I don’t care.

It’s also in the Bison forum and people wanted it there…

A matchup thread that can only be updated by one person will never get updated. People will change characters or quit the game over the course of the lifespan of the game. Mods won’t update matchup threads with anything more than links.

It’s odd how it is permissible in some forums (Gouken SF4, Bison SFV) but not in others (Hugo SF4/Decapre SF4)

I say just do it and let the mods worry about correcting you.

Disagree. This is just so much easier/cleaner. Besides what else are we going to talk about on this SubForum? Nash’s Hairstyle?

You know what it’s like coming in late and trying to glean information from a 80+ page thread about everything ever?

That’s why noobs always ask questions that have been covered over and over and that’s why this way is much better.

I keep Getting destroyed by cammy players I just can’t do anything against them. There pokes are better they just rush me down completely.

Same here I’m kinda free vs a good Cammy right now

Learned the hard way that Cammy can punish any normal Sonic Boom when she has full V-Gauge. Thought I was safe from half screen distance chucking fierce booms until she activated V-Trigger on reaction then punished with Spiral Arrow to take the game.

yup i had the exact same experience. looks like this might be a bad one for mr nash.

I feel like any Cammy player can just bounce the controller off their face and win; can’t even out poke a blocked move; too fast. Can’t jump in; she has multiple counters for it; can’t dash in, she’s fucking Cammy.

As a scrub, I’ve had no success against Cammy. The feedback in this thread does seem to gravitate to one universal statement: her buttons are faster than our buttons and her punish options are effective against Nash.

She’s a bad matchup for Nash.

With that said: bait her with frame traps. I call this the ‘drunken master’ approach to bad matchups.

I’ve done pretty well by being patient and making use of your standing jab and crouch mp for hooligans and air cannon drills. In neutral I tend to try to bait her spin knuckle with HP sonics. When space correctly you can fwd. HK to stuff the knuckle. Pretty sure you can st HP it too. Other than that just block her strings cuz she’s usually +. You have to be really aware on your own wake up though because jab and shimmy are much more rewarding for her than throw and only the ex is the safe dive kick.

Cammy player looking for Nash players to run sets with. Nash has been giving me trouble and I put in some lab work. I’m in the Gold League for what it’s worth…without rage quits.

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So; the shimmy is an must against Cammy; you have to be able to move about really quickly without jumping. Bait out the retarded Hooligans that Cammy’s seem to love doing and get a free combo. ( will stop it in it’s tracks.) Also I find that trading and training my opponent to expect a rush in also helps me tons. (A jump in trade; where she recovers in the air and I dash in on her, you get free whiff’s from her srk).

Cammy’s V-Reversal is actually one of the worst V-Reversals in the game, as it travels a set distance and is -8 on block. It’ll depend on how early they V-Reversal but if they do it against anything but a heavy normal you have enough time to block it and punish. You can actually s.Jab her out of the V-Reversal but don’t do that since you can get a good punish opportunity if you block it. If she V-Reversals at close range make sure to block it as a cross-up and crouching since it reduces push back. You can punish her with at least s.Fierce xx Sonic Scythe but if you have V-Trigger or Critical Art you can do more. If you get Cammy to V-Reversal a ranged attack, such as a midrange cr.Forward the V-Reversal will actually whiff in front of you. You can then punish with at least cr.Fierce, s.Strong xx Sonic Scythe.

i am completely free vs cammy players :(… this match up is so hard for me

Jab works really well vs cammy your best friend is forward hk anytime she trys to get in