Cammy Moveset and Attributes



Fast dash and walking speed allows her to close in on your opponent very quickly.
Quick Focus Attack can be mixed in with some of her normal moves to bait her opponents.
Quick Ultra means she can punish wiffed moves on reaction.

Cannot juggle into her full Ultra like some other characters can.
Has a somewhat limited moveset that makes it harder for her to capitalize on the other players mistakes.
Non-EX Cannon Strike can only be performed while jumping forward which limits the moves applications.
Armor Breaking move can’t be used on reaction due to its slow start up.

1000- Stamina (This number corresponds to the damage your character takes when hit, the higher the better. For example, Seth has 800 Stamina and Zangief has a 1200. This means when Seth gets hit, he’s going to take A LOT more damage than Gief would have)
950- Stun (The number above represents how much you can take before becoming stunned, the higher the better)
18- Dash (This shows the number of frames of animation it takes for your character to complete a Dash command)
**20- Back Dash **
4+36- Jump (The first number is how many frames it takes before you leave the ground, while the second number is how many frames of animation you’ll be in the air for after jumping. The higher the number the more “floaty” the character is; For Example, Dhalsim will remain in the air for 56 frames!..very very floaty).

Special Moves

? Spiral Arrow ?

The Kick Button pressed determines the power and range of your Cannon Drills.

Hard Kick travels the longest distance and does the most damage. Medium Kick has a bit less range and damage.

EX Version

EX Arrow goes underneath projectiles

? Cannon Spike ?

This is Cammy’s dragon punch.

Light version is the safest and weakest. The heavy kick goes high in the air and very unsafe…use it wisely.

EX Version

? Spinning Backfist ? Armor Breaking
:hcb:+ :p:

-The button pressed determined the range of the move. Light version goes the shortest distance while the hard version goes a nearly full screen distance!

EX Version

? Hooligan ?
:db::d::df::r::uf: + :p:(while in air) :lp: + :lk: (throw)

If you do not throw then Cammy will do a slide that must be blocked low when she lands.

-The button pressed determined the trajectory of this move.

EX Version
:db::d::df::r::uf: + :2p:(while in air) :lp: + :lk: (throw)

Works like the regular holligan however travels much faster and at a higher arc.

? Cannon Strike ? (While jumping forward in the air)
:qcb:+ :k:

EX Version
:qcb:+:2k: (Can be done while jumping straight up or backwards)

-**The “Tiger Knee” Cannon Strike :smokin:
**-Motion- QCB,UF+K
-Uses: By using this motion, you can now spam the hell out of the strike and also allows for more damaging combos

Super? Spin Drive Smasher ?

Hits low and comes out quick. You may want to save meter for EX moves. This move can cancelled easily so its very versitile if you choose to use it.

Ultra? Gyro Drive Smasher ?

Comes out very quick and can be used to punish moves on reaction. Also hits low

Other Useful Moves

? Air Throw ?(while in air)
:lp: + :lk:

If you know your opponent is going to jump towards you, then this will be a great way to grab them out of the air and score a knock down–of course you could always anti-air them with a Cannon Spike but this works too.
This idea works great for dealing with players who love advancing by jumping forward…Make them pay for making such an amateur mistake!
Want to know other useful properties of the air grab? Check out our own SRK member Gilley demonstrate air throws in this video!

Very useful indeed


-**Close MP **and HK as well as Crouching HP can be used as anti-air tools if you are unable to Cannon Spike in time

cr.HP, cr.MK (to special or super)

MP, cr. MP (to special or super)

they work mid screen and after jump ins



Useful Data
o prevent confusion,
Cannon drill = spiral arrow. I’m used to that name.

This is going to be a lot of info in one post, so if you want the summary, skip down to where it says: "Summary"
Okay, I found you some awkward data. I went and tested it out on practice mode rather thoroughly, so don’t worry. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourself.

Headstomp vs Cannon Spike:
Cannon spike beats headstomp clean if you do it very early against headstomp or at least on reaction. If you wait until he is about to hit your head and do it, you will trade.

Ex headstomp vs cannon spike:
If you do cannon spike early enough, you can beat exheadstomp. If you do it on reaction, you will trade. If you wait until he is about to hit your head and do it, you will trade.

Ex headstomp vs ex cannon spike:
Same as ex headstomp vs cannon spike.

There are some weird properties of cannon spike, but the reason why it’s so good is because it has so many active frames. Now, from what I see, Cammy’s cannon spike is AT ITS BEST when she says has finished saying CANNON SPIKE. The reason why is because that’s roughly the amount of time where her boot’s point at its best potential angle, thus it beats headstomp because her boot beats his boot, and for some reason those are blessed boots. Once again, test it out for yourselves if you don’t believe me.

Now, for some more wtf info for you guys. You guys hate Blanka’s ultra? Well, I do, too, but you shouldn’t anymore. Here’s why: Blanka’s ultra can be beaten by Cammy’s cannon drill. Yes. You heard me. CANNON DRILL (qcf + K: not even EX) CAN BEAT BLANKA’S ULTRA .

Now, remember what I said about the boot having invincibility frames on it? If the tip hits him as he’s rolling in a ball (charging for more damage) or moving towards you, you can still beat it if you time yourself right. If he is in the beginning of his bouncing part of the ultra, EX CANNON SPIKE WILL BEAT IT. I cannot emphasize how important this is for Cammy. If you have the opportunity and he’s rolling towards you or still charging, YOU CAN PUNISH HIM WITH YOUR ULTRA.

Now, for some other weird info:

Cammy can punish a blocked Blanka ball with HK cannon drill. Cammy, like how she can beat the ultra, can beat blanka ball with the tips of her boots as well. This applies to Honda’s headbutt as well.

You can also cannon spike AND CANNON DRILL Honda’s ultra. This is some ridiculous shit that Cammy can do! You can also ultra his ultra, although your ultra won’t connect fully because Honda is technically in the air.

Honda’s ex headbutt can be beaten by spamming standing jab or light kick. No, I’m not joking. You can also beat it with a cannon spike (strict timing) or a cannon drill as well!

The tip of Cammy’s boots are the most invulnerable part of her cannon spike or cannon drill. Generally, to know if your move is the most active, listen to what she says. If she finishes saying “spiral arr–” (Spiral arrow, which I call cannon drill), then she is at her best. If she fully says Cannon Spike, she is at her most invulnerable point in her active frames of that move.

To beat headstomp you must hit him before he reaches over the middle of the arch he does or use an ex version when he does not.
Headstomp < Cannon Spike:
Ex headstomp > Cannon spike (unless done very early)
Ex headstomp > Ex cannon spike (unless done very early).

Blanka ball < Spiral Arrow/ Cannon drill (can be punished won block or when it’s moving).
Ex Blanka ball < spiral arrow (same as above)

Blanka’s Ultra (while falling) < Ex cannon spike (don’t use regular cannon spike or you’ll trade)
Blanka’s ultra (while charging/rolling) < Cannon drill (no ex needed. Just be sure to time it so her invulnerability is at her max).
Blanka’s ultra (while charging/rolling) < Cammy’s ultra
Blanka’s ultra (while rolling) < Cannon drill and Cammy’s ultra.

Honda’s headbutt (ex or non ex) < standing jab, standing lk, cannon drill, cannon spike.
Honda’s ultra < cannon drill, cannon spike, cammy’s ultra.

That’s all I have for Cammy right now. Yeah, I know it’s hard to believe, but try it out guys. If you find any fault with my info, correct me, but for now, I’m pretty sure this is right.
(many thanks!)

cannon strike

worth adding:

ex cannon strike can be done jumping backwards (or so I’ve heard)


i’ll change it once we get some confirmation


We should add in what the EX specials do compared to their normal counterparts;
ie: EX Hooligan travels at a quicker speed and a higher arc.

Great job getting everything all set up dodgers!


i wanted to wait until launch before doing that. I have a gut feeling how they work btu i’d rather be sure


isnt hooligan punch instead of kick?




yeah it works. jump vertical and backwards, you can EX from it.


Thanks for info, especially the EX moves.


Do you guys think Cammy’s slide kick from Hooligan will still be useful in SF4? It’s seems like in a lot of videos I see people using focus to absorb the kick and then punishing from the FA crumple stun with an Ultra.


well if thats the case mix it up with the throw ;p


Cammy’s cannon spike has the unique attribute of beating out Bison’s headstomp if you do it early or late where as other anti-air specials eat the headstomp.

What Chunner said. Or if you really want to get fancy. Whiff the air throw (press throw in the air) and do something else once you land on the ground. Or you can just be funny and whiff the throw in the air and throw them once you hit the ground. Lol.


Coopa, what about EX Headstomp? That should really define the priorty on her cannon spike. I’m looking at a trade Ex vs EX and totally stuffed for massive damage regular spike vs ex stomp


block and hk.CS right after it. that works


EX Backfist seems to have complete invulnerability from start-up up until the moment she lands.

EX Hooligan basically homes in on the opponent.


Cammy is still my fave, but I def gotta get used to her again. What is everyone using for cross up? LK works but she dosent hold it out anymore, so you actually need to time when to press it.


that is so unreliable i dont even try to cross up with her… seriously. just play ground game and pick into SA.


What are some good applications of Cannon Strike? Is this a high priority move?


any pick into canon strike works
Anti Air
trading with shoryukens
wake up CS, FDAC back or forward depending on the situation
the priority is “comparable” to a shoryken

read other threads for more info, sorta like, page for page, not just the last post. and dont start a thread for one simple question, like, " how do i do this?" just ask it in a thread that may have something to do with it. hint hint to other ppl who dont know that


I’m talking about Cannon Strike, not Cannon Spike.