Cammy notes



Links to guide by HK’s best

far s.MK 800 +1/+1

This move isn’t bad. far s.MP is better though.

close s.MK 800 +2/+2

The only reason you’ll ever be getting this move is if you attempt an alpha counter, but the opponent wasn’t attacking. The F+MP+MK input makes a s.MK come out. Cammy is one of the few characters who is totally safe attempting something like this. Yielding +2 on the block, close s.MK is unpunishable by any character when the kick makes contact.

far s.MP 800/+5/+5

Hits fast. Good against Sagat when blocked. Only a factor against characters who can’t duck it.

d.LP 200/+5/+5

Cammy’s fastest normal other than close s.LP. Her d.LK hits in 4 frames (4/4/8 is a slow as Blanka’s).

d.LK 200 +3/+3 o/o/o
16 total frames

Regardless of how slow this move starts up, Cammy’s fast hopping dash more that makes up for it. This is also Cammy’s hands down best low hitting move at close range. Short, short, level 2 is all a C-Cammy player has to know.

d.MP 700 +7/+7
17 total animation frames (!)

Hits one frame slower than d.LP. Excellent when blocked. This is the shortest lasting medium attack in the entire game. Cammy can build meter by whiffing this as safely as most other characters would whiff jabs.

d.MK 700 0/0 x/o/o
24 total animation frames

Fantastic move to abuse. It hits low and fast, is cancelable, and it hits meatier than d.MP.

close s.MP 700,600/0/0

Don’t worry when you get this move by accident. You’re still 100% safe, even when JD’d. Just be ready to tech throw.

close s.HP 1000/+10/+10
17 total animation frames (!)

This move is cheap. No explaination needed. It hits faster than her MP attacks with only 3 frame startup. At only 17 total frames, I think it’s the fastest non-jab, normal in the game. Only 4 total hitting frames though, so it’s not very meaty. Not a problem as Cammy can still feel free to whiff a million of these over a fallen body and still be safe.

-close s.HP, walk up slightly, d.MP, d.MK xx LK drill
99% safe. Cannon spike if the opponent tries anything silly after. Especially if they try to throw you… ha!

far s.HP 1100/+9/+9
22 total frames

This move is just as good as the close one. Better even. The 10 hit frames allow for a fat meaty hit (use just the tip, link super after).

far s.HK 1100,1000/-8/-8

Hit in 5 frames (fast) and has great range. Also lasts for a very long time.


Cannon Spike
LK- 1400 4/23/22 4~3
MK- 1500 4/28/28 4~3
HK- 1600 4/33/35 8 frames total body

HK version is the best one for anti-air. LK version has more horizontal range and the necessary lower body invincibility to defeat your opponent’s ground moves. Make sure you use the right versions in each situation.

Spiral Arrow
LK- 1200, 1100 8/23/19 -18
MK- 1300, 1200 8/23/20 -19
HK- 300+1300 8/23/23 -20

Hits low.

Disregard close damage number. Always use one hit far versions. HK does the most damage. How the heck can Cammy be at a magic distance where she’s safe after having LK version blocked? -18 is a lot of recovery right? Actually Cammy can be at upwards of +5 after having one of these blocked. The trick is to hit with only the end frames of the move. Note the 23 total hit frames. This move lasts a long time.

Dive kicks +10/+10 (all versions)
12/until ground/4

Not as good as Yun’s or Sakura’s…

-Meaty HK dive kick (max range), d.MK xx drill
3 hit combo.

Techniques to master:

-run in cannon spike
After a blocked close s.HP or far s.MP for example.

-DPing jumpins and crossups
Always duck down when dping from the front to get the deepest hit possible. Will allow you to DP jumpins even when your back is to the corner.

Go for dping crossup trick (roll from F~DB+K) ONLY when opponent is jumping over you at point blank range. Regular DP motion suffices at all other ranges.

>>>Walk under is Cammy’s best crossup defense anyway.<<<

Mai and Vega have extremely fast jumps. Practice DPing them from the front AND when they jump straight up, falling HK.

Mistakes in CvS2 book:
-far s.HP is special cancelable at beginning frames. Book says move is x/x/o.
-book says close s.MK is x/x/o. That’s just plain wrong. Should be x/o/o. Doesn’t matter because that move sucks anyway.

Other notables:

-Cammy has the hands down best anti-run defense in the entire game.

Far s.HP

At only 22 total animation frames, this move is amazingly quick to whiff and there is no risk of being rolled through. Having 10 total hit frames, it’s one of the longest lasting moves in the game. Yielding an amazing +9 on the hit or block, frame advantage on normal moves doesn’t get much better than this either.

If Cammy hits a running opponent, the game registers the fierce as a counter hit (even when the opponent isn’t pressing any buttons), adding even more to the frame advantage.

EASILY link a level 3 super after landing one of these attacks. You have a very, very large window of frame advantage where the opponent won’t be able to do a thing, nevermind block. Cheap!


I go for this a lot: (so nobody steal it you thieves!)

-meaty d.MP, link far s.HP, link level 3 super
far s.HP yields +9. Even when it’s blocked the pattern is still good. Just dash after instead of doing the super in that case.

-c.LK, c.LK xx HK drill
You can do from behind this after landing a level 3, then doing dash, dash. I should make a section labeled “dash craziness” next…

-c.MP, c.MK xx HK drill
Just as good as the above. Seriously. The frame data is the same. Both combos start with a 4 frame move. I do short, short because I’m more used to playing characters like Sakura or Iori. Helps me decide whether my attacks are hitting or not. In theory c.MP, c.MK should be just as good though!


a few question for j00:

What groove do you play cammy on. P? K? S?

What kind of advantage do you get from her qcb+k (in air)?

Is Cammy’s wake up throw abusable?

On wake up offense does cammy have anything that can beat a dragon punch? (i.e. while sagat gets up)?

Can you offer any good super setups cancels whatever? I feel like my cammy has a good thing going for her, but I get kinda messed up sometimes because I play C groove and I keep baiting the jump so I can do her rising cannon super. Sometimes, a roundhouse knocks me the funk out of it, any ideas?

Dash or Run? Roll or not?


Her dive kick is good to close gaps, try to bait AAs, build meter, it’s good against a lot of characters like Sagat for one. Her cannon spike should beat a Sagat dp if timed right, but blocking is a much better counter lol. She can land supers off a ridiculous amount of moves. You should not have any trouble just look for a connected close or far st fp, hop in and do cr lk and if they hit cancel, punish whiffs with her st rh to super, link a cr mp to cr lk to super… Cammy’s too easy


close s.MK is good!

Do close s.MK when the opponent gets up (it’s pretty much impossible to do as meaty considering it only has 2 hitting frames). The opponent thinks they can hit you after, but you counter hit them with d.MP!


S-groove, because I can do dodge xx standing fierce times one million.

Do walk back slightly, walk forward, throw on wake up.

Anything meaty. You’re betting that Sagat isn’t going to be able to pull off a one frame reversal. Up super or HK cannon spike if you want to challenge him. Rub up against his leg to make the other guy feel uncomfortable if you’re gay.

I’m partial to dash, but run is just as good. hmm… would you use Cammy’s roll by itself? Don’t roll cancel too much with Cammy. Don’t roll cancel anything outside the drill (people who tell you to roll cancel the hcb+P move need to be shot).


Not even a Cannon Spike? I can’t RC yet anyway, I’m just askin. and ditto on shooting people who RC hcb+P.


Why would you feel the need to RC a cannon spike? it already has enough invincibility… Rcing it just makes it slower…


quick question about s.HK xx super

Okay, so the motion i use when i do s.HP xx super is qcf+HP, then qcf+MK. Or just s.HP then qcfx2+MK…

but when i try to cancel s.HK, i always get cannon drill. what motion should i be using for this cancel?

i thought you’d know kcxj


You can’t really buffer it in any practical way that I can think of, so the way I do it and probably the best way is just do the super motion real quick after the st rh.


Don’t mash on the buttons. The first thing you want to learn is the speed and rhythm to hitting the buttons. HK, then HK again (or MK for a level 2). The timing is “one… two”, done relatively quick. It’s basic two-in-one timing. Don’t bother with the joystick motion just yet until you get a good feel for that.

Practice doing supers after next. qcf, d, df+MK/HK. Put two and two together after practicing both (proper button timing and joystick input) and you have your combo.

*Notice you don’t have to do foward+K at the end for the super to come out. You can stop at down-forward.


I don’t know if this is the right thread to ask in but does anyone know the frame advantage/disadvantage on a blocked meaty spinning backfist? Or doesn’t it do enough guardbar damage to bother with? Seems to take pretty big chunks off though, especially when you’re raged.


Here you go.

hcb+P knockdown/+8 (all versions)

LP- 44/[3/8]/8
airborne 14~33
full body invincibility 1~2
partial 3~33

MP- 45/[3/8]/8
airborne 14~34
full body 1~2
partial 3~34

HP- 46/[3/8]/8
airborne 14~35
full body 1~2
partial 3~35

This is the most useless move Cammy has in my opinion… No point learning the data.


Hey kcxj, how about some anti cammy strats? C and K groove thanks.


Would RCing her Hooligan Combination be worthwhile?


Why RC with Cammy at all? She has FIERCE and roundhouse. Remember that RC’s are only invincible for a split second during the startup and startup only. If Vega does RC crystal flash against me, that doesn’t mean I’m going automatically block. I stand at midrange and hit him with whatever I want. If you’re going to RC, it’s only useful to RC when you’re at close range. Cammy’s hooligan roll is a move best used at midrange. RCing it is the most useless, waste of energy thing you can possibly do.

To anybody who needs anti-Cammy strats, sorry, but I’m not qualified to give them out. :frowning: Any player (even little girls), playing any groove Cammy owns me for free. At ECC, I saw good players use Sagat and do far s.HP xx super on reaction to any whiffed Cammy far s.HK. Ohnuki does run up, sweep on reaction to whiffed far s.HK. When I play against Cammy, I try to fight at the range so her far s.HK whiffs but close enough so that any LK drill she does, I can punish with a four frame low attack always.

Against K-Cammy’s who run at me all day, then jump in and try to JD everything I do, I horribly, horribly suck though. Nobody ever taught me how to fight against that stuff when they were teaching me CvS2. lol… somebody make me notes on how to beat players like that first, then I’ll give out all my anti-Cammy strats.


Only thing she has worth RCing, if you feel like putting out the effort then, is her cannon drill? I use K/A-Cammy, mainly K though.

How useful is,, Hooligan Combo whiffed Dive Kick? I saw Ino do it a couple of times on the Evo2k3 DVD. Was he trying to bait out DPs or a response that he could Cannon Spike?


The problem with most Anti Cammy char that I know of people dont play that much anymore besides Guile.


Frame info

I was just wondering…since I’m not that great at the game and can’t do supers quickly, I just wanted to get an idea of how fast I can do the moves. I can do a qcf*2+k on reaction after the close and far hp’s, but I can’t do it on reaction after the far hk.
What’s the difference in terms of frames, or window of time that I have to do the inputs?


You don’t need frame data to tell you this. The difficulty of getting the super is, from easiest to most difficult:

close HP
far HP
far HK
crouch MK


C.LK is also a viable link to super. It’s as easy to do on reaction as C-Ken’s level 2 cancel. Well, for her, it’s a link not a cancel. Negative edge that shit. :slight_smile: