Cammy Option Selects

so i’m getting myself into fighting form in preperation for the norcal fuddruckers tournament in march, and aside from getting my execution and reactions up to speed is getting a bunch of option selects ready for various situations/characters.

here are just the ones i came up with on the fly last night, please add any more that you can think of or any additional situations to use these option selects in:

Safe Jumps:

  1. after a hard knockdown jump in with a safe-jump rh or fierce and buffer in a qcf + rh just as you would land. then immediately press cr.hp. this option select is great against characters with poor wake-up options as they can’t stuff your fake jump, if they backdash that get’s eaten by SA and if they get hit you have started a cr.fp > cr. mk xx SA combo. [media=youtube]e5YVTVpMmds"[/media]

imo the best part about this option select is the distance that SA covers, so it will catch backdashes, backflips from vega and most teleports.

  1. same setup as before only this time buffer a dp into your jump in, this will help you catch characters with a slow dp or other moves that are invincible on start-up, it should catch bison if he tries to escape with ex headstomp or ex DR, and if they try to focus AA you just have to hit your rh button one more time to stuff that with a dp since the motion is allready done. [media=youtube]KDyoFDQ6mbA"[/media]

Cannon Strikes: [media=youtube]Kom6OgUZ8qo"[/media]

this setup is a bit trickier because even on whiff the strike does have SOME landing frames, however you just have to figure out the timing for this to make it work because when you hit or have it blocked you get additional landing frames.

  1. cannon strike buffer either SA or DP and hit your rh button at the first available frame if you whiff, then immediately hit cr.fp (doing it fast enough for the fp to combo is very tricky so it’s easier to start this one with using combo’s). this one is designed to make them stick it out in your mix-ups, if they jump back away from strike’s you can option select a dp and punish them for that, if they backdash you can punish with arrow. basically this forces them to choose a option that involves staying near you rather than attempting to escape. this should catch all teleports that move backwards but will lose to teleports done through cammy.

  2. same style setup as before only this time you buffer a ultra, follow immediately by (i’m simply not fast enough to buffer a ultra and still combo a cr.fp just yet) this one is great. first of all what better way to send a clear message than by punishing with a ultra? on top of that this actually catches akuma’s back PPP teleport if done right (not for full damage though ; :wink:

  3. same setup only option select a dash, this way you can option select a backdash just in case they teleport through you and you get a free ultra setup. this can be done with either backdash or forward dash and it allows you to visually see something like a akuma teleport and punish them with a full ultra.

Anti-Dive kicks

  1. for other cammy’s or for rufus matches, when they are doing their dive-kick/throw mixup instead of using the standard option select tech where a cr. lk comes out to be eaten faster than a crispy cream donut at a weight watchers convention. instead you add a fp or a mp to the mix so your pushing lk lp and mp or fp. this way if they go for the throw you tech it, and if they go for the dive-kick they eat either a mp or a fp to their face for their troubles. be wary about doing this everytime though because if they figure out your using this that much then you can be sure to eat either a ex messiah or a cannon spike for your troubles, or they will simply jump over you and use your normal move to provide them cover to set up a jump/cross up etc. [media=youtube]_zZo8pOX8Y4"[/media]

7) option select SA (can be used for dp/super if you want)
this one is really simple, your going to just outside of range (the most important part of this option select, get comfortable whiffing it by a tiny bit) and buffer a special motion into it (i use spiral arrow) if the move whiffs nothing will come out cause the special is buffered into active and recovery frames. however if they hit a button at the last second, or try to move forward the SA will immediately knock them down. it’s not game breaking, but every bit helps. i’ll post a vid up later for this one. [media=youtube]iRguP19hccI"[/media]

  1. tkcs option select ultra 2
    this one is just like the other tkcs option selects only with qcb’s instead of forward, it’s all about timing like the other ones. the follow up is your choice, you can put any button you want as the other move to come out on block/hit. i have no clue what is happening with rufus in these examples, i’m looking for input on that: [media=youtube]Au3QW5EcFXA"[/media]

any comments on these option selects or additional situations/selects is welcomed, i want to flesh out cammy’s option selects as much as humanly possible for this upcoming tournament.

bonus video: [media=youtube]U062q4AE7eY"[/media]

good stuffs, thx. I only use the first two, but the last two is kind of hard to to understand, i guess i will have to try it first

i also buffer ultra into on teleporters

option select on rufus during his dive kick mixups. if he throws…you tech, if he tries to combo…you block, and if he does another dive kick…he eats a cr.hp.

i use the same jump os cr.hp on all characters though. if they backdash, cr.hp will catch a good bit of the roster and if they try to counter with a normal (works on some specials too), i get the counter hit and away to ultra I go.

ah, totally forgot about this one, i have been using something very similar for a while (just using mp instead of fp since it’s closer to the other buttons)

i’m gonna add this to the list ^^

Good stuff. Thanks for this!

Ok, dumb question. What is an option select?

option select is where you do a series of inputs in which the game decides what should come out. in mine i use the fact that hit/block stun delays your first active frame after a tkcs or a jump in. so if they escape my jump in or tkcs with like a backdash the game will immediately perform a spiral arrow or ultra because my first attack whiffed. but if that first attack hits no special comes out and i can continue my combo or block string.

oh and i’m recording these option selects and will get them uploaded soon so that anyone still confused can see them in practice.

this would be great

vids are up.

when i get home from work tonight i’ll put the specific links in each section and prolly add some anotations and shit to the video’s.

Good shit Highlulu, I think this deserves a sticky

thx for the video

hmmm gotta ask a mod to edit the thread title to say that it has video’s in it now…

It’s good that you’re trying to find Cammy’s option selects, but I just wanna say you have some really strange testing methods. Here’s how you should test an option select:

First record a dummy knocking down the opponent in a certain way, then performing the option select. Then, as the player, perform what you expect the opponent to do (quickstand-> wakeup attack, quick-stand -> backdash, etc)

Your testing method is weird as hell cuz you don’t set up the knockdown, so it’s not even clear you could use these in a real match. For example, why do you assume your opponent wouldn’t quickstand after you land a cannon spike? When would you get the situation against Bison in which you could use Cammy’s Cannon Spike OS?

Anyway, here’s a really gimmicky option select. Land a cannon spike on Dhalsim, do immediate hooligan into throw, then do ultra.
If he blocks, he gets hooligan’d. If he teleports, you will ultra him. I think if he backdashes, you get fucked. That’s why this is a gimmick. This might also work on Dictator.

yea highlulu he’s right. Without the knockdown, its hard to know for sure if your option selects are 100% reliable. I mentioned before you can set up safe jumps off of backthrow which is great since hooligna is backthrow as well. Either use that or sweep, as those are the only two ways ppl can’t tech get up, and you have a 100% sure way of going into a safe jump in which you can then option select. It is good stuff though, and I for one appreciate the vid! Thx and post more! lol.

@Mariodood its an ok setup. But hooligan after C.spike is a pretty fundamental setup alot of cammy’s use. As it works online, In my tourney experience, I have gotten Raging demoned, Dp’d, Dp’d into ultra, and most recently ultra’d by honda. These are the only 4 times i have done it in a tourney setting and lost big in all situations. Not to say that it isnt worth trying, but just to say do watch out, and try to limit your risk reward if your gonna go for it.

In terms of option select ultra, it really sucks vs backdash. It always catches them in the air of their backdash and only hits them once. They can’t punish you as you cant tech on ultra, but its just a waste of your ultra, unless I have been doing it wrong, which is definitely a possibility lol.

true… i tried to ultra a backdash happy Abel and it gave me 2 hits… it was a total waste…

hmmm this makes sense, i was more than a little lost on setting up the test initially as this is my first stab at making a tutorial vid like this. i should have a chance to run back through these with a more solid setup like the back-throw setup this weekend.

i did use the backthrow setup to demonstrate and test some of the tkcs option selects though and i have been able to do that one in matches (not very consistently yet though, gonna need a lot of practice)

anyways thanks for the direction, it’s appreciated

so i think i have the recording done…

this time with the back-throw setup. i used a control test this time to make sure my setups were closer to frame perfect. basically by trying to jump out of my setups and seeing how i get stuffed back down if my strike or safe-jump hits before i can jump into the air then i know i’m either frame perfect safe jump/tkcs or i’m 1 frame away from it. (my logic here is that jumping only takes 2 frames to get off the ground so if i’m catching him still on the ground… yeah.)


new vids are up

first new vid is up.

safe-jump DP: [media=youtube]qODTd_BYBBY"[/media]

tkcs dp: [media=youtube]X_lwf0JlNkg"[/media]

tkcs sa: [media=youtube]b5DObaV0DGk"[/media]

tkcs ultra: [media=youtube]uszLnaqKkj8"[/media] i’ll record it against more characters later

and tkcs super: [media=youtube]vm5BNIJiRZY"[/media]

c.LK+LP into ultra option select : [media=youtube]fiB6w7SZSmo"[/media]

Great for those people that love to dash back on wake.

nice, i was wondering when we would see something using move priority to option select. it still shocks me that a chained lk or lp get’s prioritized over an ultra through lol.

if you could, could you record the inputs you use to make that option select happen?