Cammy Or Nash as my ALT

Hey guys having trouble deciding so ill ask here im looking for an alt a 2nd character to play ive narrowed it down to cammy And Nash if you have to pick one between the 2 who would you pick any why?

I also like playing at max range possible or rushdown doesnt matter i enjoy both…
Which would be a more solid choice?

Go with Nash, he does a bit of both and since he has no reversal you have to learn to block properly under pressure which is a universal skill which will come in handy on your main too.

Who i rly like to learn is bison And rashid but im still a beginner got my arcadestick not long ago still practising once im good ill make the jump i know bison is more for advanced And i heard mix stories about rashid some say hes easy some say beginners will learn bad habits with him but his style is cool as heck

Nash is just an overall powerful character whether turtling, rushdown, or a mix of both so you can’t go wrong with him. Probably a better online character when you don’t get the chance to get reads on people since you just play them once and then they’re gone.

Cammy is a bolder character that can be played with basic footsies but is at her best when she picks spots to dash in and acts as the aggressor. She’s also one of the characters privileged with a true invincible reversal which is hugely powerful in this game, meterless at that.

They also both share the fact that they have excellent supers that are easily landed whether in combos or done raw.

Since you say you’re a beginner I would go with Cammy rather than Nash. Not because Cammy is better for beginners, you would win more with Nash early on, but because she’ll take you out of your comfort zone and force you into situations that make you learn. You’ll have to learn good footsies and learn how to push people to the corner. With Nash you’ll probably end up picking up bad habits and just throwing projectiles when you aren’t sure what to do.

Ok sounds good i am a beginner i mean i can do a few combos with ryu And ken but lets just say out of the whole cast , would cammy still be the better choice?
Im a begginer but i do know how to move around And get some combos down with ryu And ken but i dont rly like there playstyle so i was thinking Nash or cammy but now im open to all of the characters out of all of them would u still pick cammy with beginner level experience? Not like day one noob i got my stick about 2 weeks been playing daily so im still in the beginner fase…

hasnt the game only been out a little over 2 weeks?

theres no way youre solid enough with your main to even be thinking about an alt. go back to training mode

Nick is right. If you want to have fun and mess around, have as many alts as you want. If you want to get better and win, focus everything into 1 character.

Hes right in a way im not enjoying my main so there for i dont want to learn with him let me rewrite it im looking for a new MAIN not alt, heb sorry for not making it not clear what i ment

I would suggest just trying everybody. Play everyone’s story mode, play some of the survival. Hopefully from there you can narrow it down to a handful of characters you’re interested in. Don’t worry about if it’s a beginner character or not. I’m not even sure there is such a thing in this game. Ryu is the default ‘beginner’ character because he has no glaring weakness, but using his v-skill properly isn’t beginner type stuff.

I’ve suggested to you before to not pick Bison, but it doesn’t mean I’m right. If you love him, pick him. Find somebody, learn what his/her strengths and weaknesses are, and train and play. Learn what that characters anti-airs are, learn some basic combos, learn the walk speed, which buttons are good, etc.

Ok im just curious who are you guys maining?

Cammy. Before the game came out, I was 100% sure I was going to main Karin. But it just didn’t work out…I wasn’t feeling her style. I never considered choosing Cammy, but I gave her a chance and it worked out and I’m happy with her.

who was your main and what exactly did you not enjoeyed while playing him.

based on that its easyer to tell you who you should pick.

Ryu And ken i started with is Vega any hard to learn i would think so cuz of the claw knockoff?

It seems you like Vega. Pick Vega. Don’t worry about if he’s easy to learn or about his claw. If you like him, pick him!

What do you need an alt for with Chun?
From what I read about you, you’re pretty new, so why wouldn’t you learn how to play Street Fighter first before you spread your time thin between a thousand characters?

Im trying to find a main , i will only play one char but i need to find first who

And Chun is just my avatar i dont use her