Cammy or Necalli ? i need help


Hi, i am new to SF V and to fighting game in general (Only fighting game I have played is super smash bro which is so different). I am liking SF V a lot I have even bought a Hori fighting stick mini to try out an arcade stick since I found out I was forgetting a lot of button on my ps4 controller. I tried all the character in story mode and made my research on which character are beginner friendly. The one I really liked were Cammy, Karin and Necalli. I know that Karin is super hard so since it’s my first experience I am thinking of Cammy or Necalli. I would like to help decide between those 2 what are the pro’s and con’s ? I didn’t find any other conversation on that even after a lot of research. I would like to pick one character and focus on him.

Thanks a lot

P.S.: i would like to have the least mirror match possible online too if it can help


Play necalli, Cammy is bland and 1 dimensional in this game. She will be nerfed after capcom cup so she will be even more vanilla.


Why do you say she is bland ? and will be nerf ? (i’m curious)


Hiya! Welcome to SRK.

Appreciate you did some homework but “Decide for me” threads are generally frowned upon so you may not get a lot of responses here. Best to start in the newbie dojo FAQ.

[details=Spoiler]"The following threads do not belong here.

  • Threads asking us to decide something for you or provide suggestions to you upon any issue of any sort. You being uncertain is not a reason for a thread, it’s a reason for you to do some homework."[/details]

Since you’re here, Necali is interesting, but takes a lot of time to learn compared to others. You’ll likely get frustraited when losing and not necessarily know why.

If you’re learning stick and learning fighting games, try to pick someone that can zone, play footsies and throw out a strong reversal. Ryu and Ken are always the first port of call, but Cammys is pretty close the the mark and has a lot of good, basic tools that’ll get you over the first hurdles.


Oups i am really sorry i didn’t made this type of research. Thanks for your answer i won’t bother anybody else


Ur asking for the pros and cons of the characters so it’s not really a decide for me thread so ur fine.

As a Cammy player I feel like she is one of the easier characters 2 learn in this game. She has a great walk speed, gd damage and gd pokes and anti airs.

Necalli’s has all of those things as well except his walk speed isn’t as gd as Cammy. However he has an overhead and a command grab. He also does more damage than Cammy


play Necalli. Cammy cannot take to many mistakes.


Cammy is probably the easiest character to handle. She’s responsive, moves fast, has got easy combos, easy frame trap routine and so on. Her downfall is she’s got the lowest hp/stun in the game and you really have to get a handle on her movement and reads to not be predictable. Probably the most honest character in the whole game.
Necalli is the better character though. More damage, combos are just as easy, overhead, command grabs, safe strings ( buffered into stomp is safe on block and super easy to confirm into CA), your poke is your CC and the best v-trigger in the game. His downfall is who the fuck knows.


Don’t choose. Play both. Your progress will be slower but in the long run you will be a better player because you will have more tools to use