Cammy Partner Ideas?



Hi everyone.

First post, long time lurker, finally decided I needed some help. I’m currently running Cammy/Kazuya, and I’m having an exceptionally hard time. Each character seems to do well enough on their own, but synergy wise I’m struggling.

Particularly, I’m not utilising switch cancels at all, and that’s probably because I’m shocking execution wise, but I also can’t see any moves that Cammy has or that Kazuya has that will allow me to continue in to a big combo. Even off a basic Cross Rush, I feel like I’m getting almost no damage at all.

I’m a Cammy player from SFIV, so I know that I can’t play her the same way, and I’m not trying to blame my losses on poor partner choice, but I’m just getting the feeling that Cammy/Kazuya isn’t the best team to run.

Originally, I was going to run Cammy/Lili, and that seems like an alright team. But again I’m not entirely sure. I would very much like to keep using Cammy/Kazuya, but at the moment I’m just in need of a bit of advice. Can anyone give me some tips to making this team more viable, and how I should be utilising them in general?

Thanks so much in advance


I think synergy will come in time once everyone gets used to switching and knowing when to switch. Such as, when you have a lot of grey health sitting there, and you land that cross up you could go for a BnB but switching may be more effective to let Cammy take a breather. I feel the same way that Cammy just seems to do just fine by herself.

When it comes to partners, I think a partner that doesn’t spend much meter for their routine beatdown is a big plus. Cammy can use quite a bit of bar just off of normal shenanigans(EXCS, EX SA for proj.) in order to maintain her rushdown. We that came from SFIV know that having a full Super wasn’t an every round thing, and now meter management is more crucial than ever. Picking someone with low meter usage(Law/Rolento/???) and any ability to knock a character up high then switch(which allows more combo options for cammy) are more tuned to her playstyle. I’m currently using Cammy/Poison just out of personal preference and I’m also thinking about switching to Lili but from what I’ve seen so far she can use some meter to get the job done. I think I might play around with King because of his knee > grab from a switch.

Another thing to consider is matchups/playstyles. Cammy doesn’t have FADC anymore, meaning we are back to dealing with projectiles the old fashioned way. Pair her with someone that can handle projectiles(Kazuya comes to mind) and you are able to cover her weaknesses. Cammy plus a mid/long range character could work well also, giving you more coverage across the cast. Also a playstyle of Cammy + Grappler could make some people have a hard time adjusting.

I like my Cammy/Poison. Poison handles the midrange while serving up options that Cammy can’t. Poison for me is extremely hard to use effectively for me right now though.


I’m using Cammy/Hugo currently and having a blast with it. If Cammy gets in a jam she’s got an easy switch canceled DP into Hugo, who can juggle with (at the very least) standing LK xx LK backbreaker for decent damage and a good positioning (throw if they roll, if they don’t, crouching MK or clap combo loop). Plus, Hugo’s big stamina allows him to eat some damage while Cammy regenerates hers to come back in for the kill if necessary. I haven’t spent any real time training yet but just forcing the opponent to face heavy rushdown (Cammy) at the beginning of the round to get them to turtle, then punishing that turtling with Hugo’s SPD and overhead is a good way to screw with your opponent’s head and encourage mistakes on which you can capitalize.



rush them down, hit em a couple times, when you have a sizable health lead DP cancel to Raven or switch him in on knockdown and then run away for the remainder of the round and do braindead crossup when they get near you

it’s the most fun I’ve had with fighting games in almost a month


Was thinking of trying the same exact style of play with Cammy/Juri, though putting Juri on point has it’s fair share of advantages.


I don’t really rush down with Cammy at all in this game. Just use her like some kinda footsie machine :stuck_out_tongue: I play her with Rufus, gameplan = walk them to the corner with Cammy, DP if they jump, Pressure with pokes or counter poke when they don’t jump, land a chain to launcher or combo to TC, get Rufus to do the damage and then divekick the hell out of them with Rufus. Rufus is great when he’s in but his footsies are pretty bad, Cammy owns the neutral game.

You know when you see people playing and think ‘awh they’re still playing SF4’ well that’s how i find people play against my Cammy. They’re used to being rushed down by her and expect to play the matchup countering my attempts to get in, but when i don’t try get in and just walk them to the corner they get antsy and try attack. I’m finding it works extremely well but obviously that’s with Rufus, if i was playing Gief with her or something i’m sure i would have focused on her ability to get in and rush down.

I’m actually interested because i’ve not played characters that had really bad synergy with others…who doesn’t work with Cammy is what i’m asking


to my experience Cammy has been either an anchor of meter blasting pressure or a point character that acts as a battery for a tag combo that consists of tagging out back to Cammy to battery up more meter for the next opening… for the second idea I would suggest a team synergy that would allow Cammy to come back into the fight after the tag combo… this type of combo because cammy alone does not do optimum damage alone… when she opens up a character at best she could perform a combo that does 200-300… if she could just tag combo for atleast 400 and have the ability to come back to the fight to play as a battery again… it would be more efficient…


I’m running the default Chun/Cammy, but I honestly don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m still at that stage where I’m playing them like separate characters.


I was also thinking about doing Cammy/Lili, they seem like a decent pair. I’ll see how things go.


I was playing pair mode with a buddy the other day, and we were getting close to 500 damage for 1 meter with Law. Didn’t check the meter build, either - I suspect it may have been neutral spent or close to it. You can probably get similar damage with anyone that has a tag-cancellable float or groundbounce move.


Law/Cammy may be a “barely okay” team law gets kinda in there and has somewhat of a low/high mixup and some frametraps… I would suggest using cammy as an anti-fireball point character… use her to counter fireball users… you could go cammy/gief with a free spin knuckle dp in the corner you can tag cancel to gief for a scary mix-up… cammy is one of those characters that can get in there for grapplers like gief… I tried this team and got free wins off this common strategy…


I’m using Jin right now as my partner, working out pretty good but I heard Cammy/Zang. works way better…I guess I like Jin’s playstyle more. Can string out a lot of combos w/ the 2. It would probably be smarter for me to use Cammy as a character to get in close and use a character that deals more damage close range (Zang. for ex.) though.


I’m currently using Cammy/Juri with Cammy on point. She’s really good for putting in Juri. I play this game more like a zoning team than rushdown,


What exactly establishes what Cammy needs for a partner?


Possibly health or a battery character. Cammy can do decent damage with/without meter once she gets in. I think I may try her with Bison or Sim on point


So Cammy/Lili doesn’t seem to be a viable option with both of them eating up meter for the crazy damage they do.


I think Cammy’s purpose in this game is not rush down. compared to most of the cast, she has good normals and has that retarded jab pressure. I initially tried using Cammy/Lili and they do decent damage, but once you get hit with one combo, your character is like half dead and when Lili comes in, shes pretty weak once shes knocked down because she has to either spend a meter on wake up, which isn’t even 100% guaranteed, or guess.

I think I only use meter for switch cancels and alpha counters for cammy. Her super is honestly not that great and some of her EX moves aren’t really worth doing.The EX spiral arrow only squeezes out like 100 more damage and probably needs another meter to do more. EX cannon spike is only if you are desperate for a wake up option. EX drill is only used because TKCS off of the roundhouse jump cancel is a pain, or used for neutral jump, back jump pressure. Spin knuckle is ass like always and the hooligan is a one shot thing, you can only use it once per game pretty much since its kind of a gimmick. I like to use meter on my anchor character, Juri. Although she doesn’t really need the meter, when she gets the opportunity to use a super, she can do at least 550 damage, which is ton better than Cammy’s. I use EX pinwheel for emergency wake up and switch cancel, or EX counter. EX fireball, dive kick, aren’t really worth doing. I don’t really have any meter gems because I feel that I gain meter quick enough, I’m still developing how to use meter, but I never find myself in a situation where I burn it all too fast, I always have 1 reserve for switch cancel.


I’ve been trying a Cammy/Nina or a Cammy/Gief team. Cammy seems to be the battery, but she can also dish it out. Nina so far is an interesting mix, I’m not good with her by any means yet, but she turns Cammy from battery to assault. Gief on the other hand…he’s just awesomeness in tights. The thing I’ve noticed with the Cammy thought process is; you can’t limit her to 1 role. She doesn’t excel at 1 thing. She relatively good but not great at most. I find myself using her power more when she’s the stronger of the 2 and trying to frame trap/battery when she’s weaker. She just seems to be a versatile character, keep in mind I’m still a noob but I’m learning as I play the game.


With cammy and rufus i find myself using 0 meter for damage. All alpha counters, 3 bar supers (cause me no likey when people regen 25%), and tag cancels. I get about 400 damage off most combos anyway. I really only blow meter to finish a round if i have the chance and it’s close, if it’s not close i’ll keep the meter for the next round if there is one. EX DP is nice for the crazy invul if you REALLY wanna hit someone but yea…get her tagged out as often as possible, meter is no use if you’re dead. “yo fuck dying with meter”


I’ve decided I’m content sticking with Cammy/Kazuya. Cammy builds meter fast, and the best part of it is that Kazuya doesn’t need to use it for damage. Sure they may not have very flashy combos, but even a 5/6 hit tag cancel combo will net around 400 damage. They both just hit so hard.

I tend to use Cammy on point. Build that meter and get in their face then tag in to Kazuya for big damage. Though I tend to find that, more often than not, I use Cammy to build the meter, and Kazuya to start the combos.

Edit Okay, the damage with this team is good, I can’t dispute that. And yet, the more I play the more I feel like this is not the way to go. Am I the only one out there running this team? can anyone give me any advice on how they are finding this team?