Cammy PC players

Looking for whoever mains cammy on the pc version to have some spare games/tactics discuss etc… since i cant find any online =/

drop your live id here if interested and ill add u or add me on this nick

see sig

I have PC version as well (sheesh, I got all 3 versions of SF4), but my PC runs slow (I haven’t upgraded my PC in 3 yrs)… need some upgrade before I can play on it…

let us know when u can play on it :slight_smile:

my friend is playing it on a 4y old pc without many problems :slight_smile:

just need to set properly some settings. ill edit this post tomoz now im gonna sleep

I’m usually on during weeknights. I’m YellowViolent

Nick: Sylphfox

ok faux try this:

from menu go to settings

antialiasing - off
refresh rate - 70 try 75 if works
frame rate - NOT variable

then set qualities on low except for models and background

should work. if not remove background and SURELY will go ok and smooth.

To the others. friend request sent

I bounce between Chun and Cammy mostly. My GfWL handle is Amokokins.

I’m on PC from time to time. I usually play Dhalsim on PC though…


I’m pretty sure we played a few days ago (connection was 3 bars IIRC).
GFWL: Yamian
But you won’t learn much from me, I can’t do any of the advanced moves/combos (TKCS, FADCs…).

Why are the PSN and XBOX gamertags in the user profile (on the left side), but the GFWL isn’t?


I’m pretty new to SF4 and not doing so good atm.

I’ve played some SF2 back in the days but never got the level of play most of you guys are at, lol.

You can add me if you want. Would be nice to have some people added to practice with.

Tag is the same as my username.

OK, PC version is worst version of the 3 versions…

PC version is SO DEPENDENT on your opponents PC settings… I’ve played a few games where the game literally pauses here and there due to poor PC settings from my opponent (a different kind of lag in addition to network lag), HOLY CRAP!

On my 3yr old crappy Dell PC, I managed to get 60 FPS consistently by turning off just about everything there is to turn off, the game looked like crap but my FPS never dipped below 60 FPS.

Another thing about PC version is when I used my XBL profile, I get invites from XBL people but of course PC and 360 cannot play, so I ended up creating a new live profile just for the PC so I don’t get invites that I cannot play.

My PC profile is: Faux123 PC

Also there is practically no one playing on the PC version, between games, it took forever to find another player (5 minutes min…). So I am only going to play the PC version only ON REQUEST from SRK members…

IMHO, Xbox360 > PS3 > PC version

OK done with my rants on the PC version…

I have the same complaints of the PC version. It’s hard finding a good opponent on there :-/

I have no problems finding opponents, but I don’t care about their quality (as long as it’s even match I’m fine with anyone). And You can always do something different while waiting for match (like I do). The problem is that fighting games are not very popular on PC, so there FPS and MMORPG (and maybe RTS) rule PC.

But… I can’t believe the system requirements. This game has 2 (TWO) moving fighters + animated background and that’s all. I think that Capcom programmed XBOX (or PS) emulator instead of rewriting the game for PC.

  • About the dependency on other players PC… Yes, that’s complete crap. I don’t know how OTHER player’s settings can affect game on MY PC.
  • I’d also like to have a chat in the lobby. You know, just to say a few words, like “I’m kicking you because we have one bar connection, not because I hate you”.
  • Cheat proneness - Capcom forgot what PC is capable of. Today, it’s possible to cheat almost everything in SF4 (probably even GP/BP, but I’m afraid of trying that).
  • Another little minus from me: no LAN game. Internet isn’t everywhere. Yes, you can play on one PC, that’s cool. But, you know, PC’s don’t usually ship with 2 gamepads…
  • And when I redefine keys (I’m used to use ijkl for movement) I still must use arrows to select character (not my ijkl).
  • Why does the escape key work as “start”? Esc usually means cancel… And using abxy? No mouse support? And why can’t I redefine these keys?
  • Why can’t we save replays? I don’t know if consoles have harddrives, but PCs surely do. We even have CD/DVD burners and USB flash discs. We have almost limitless storage capacity, why can’t we save as many replays as we want? I’m fine with that “upload only one replay at a time”, I can even go with that “beat your previous record” thing but I can’t understand why I can’t save replay of MY fight on MY hard drive…
  • Cross-platform playing? Console guys would probably kick our asses, but a simple option to allow it wouldn’t hurt (this would probably involve patching console version - I don’t know if that’s possible, so this is basically nitpicking).
  • PC users are fairly familiar with patches… Why there aren’t any? Like balance changes (=nerf you-know-who), since it’s multiplayer game? Or static background option for slower PC’s? Just put a bitmap there and it will be fine… Or the above mentioned ability to save replays?


My Windows LIVE gamertag is Gavade

I love using Cammy but I am not that good myself…

yeh, thats annoying but doesnt depends on your opponent pc. that happens when some lameass choose to set frames at variable on settings , therefore game lags for him and u. pretty stupid thing

capcom/windows didnt want to merge players dunno why :frowning: but XBL ppl should see on which platform u playing , if u on pc or ps3 or xbox and not invite if u on pc obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

that depends on what type of game u seach and at what time. peak is at late afternoon/evening european time, and big majority of ppl is playing in G2 right now.

btw i added u. lemme know when u can play :slight_smile:

I main cammy on PC. Not very succesfull, but i do :stuck_out_tongue:

As ‘kabbila’


Played one session of like maybe 10 matches against CammyOwNz a couple of weeks back and I have to say that it was probably the most efficient learning time I’ve had with SFIV so I’m definitely up for mirror matches anytime.

I hope to get the same experience like you, Wookie. I’ve played almost 40 mixed games, ranked and unranked(?), and so far I’ve won like 8 of them. Talk about getting frustated :razzy: