Cammy player looking for help against HUGO



i’m a cammy main and i’m looking forward to hugo players helping me out in tht match-up since idk wht to do against him add me on xbl OG Swiizy


Cammy’s backdash isnt a back hop ( no airborne frames ). Backdash out of clap mixups without risk of ex bb. xx … will low profile hugo’s jump-ins well. Aa with cr.hp/spike depending on distance.

Everything hugo does has huge recovery. U1 whiff punish whiffs.

This matchup is really really ugly for cammy. Cammy cannot zone hugo. All trades with hugo are always in hugo’s favor.

Best advice : pick gouken lol


I thought every backdash in the game had some airborne frames


Recovery on MP and HP clap is only like 5-6 frames though


If u find Hugo spding u out of your frame traps, neutral jump instead.

Match up is pretty bad for cammy I think


thanks for the input i think so as well cammy gets blown up by grapplers imo i mean i can counter pick with sagat supposedly but lets see wht happens