Cammy players going to West Coast!



Alright guys, WCW is this weekend. Who’s going? WE NEED TO REP CAMMY!!

I’m gonna kick as much ass as I can while I’m there. :smiley:

I’m splitting a room with 2 other people… if it’s cool with them, we should meet up and have some casuals! I’m going to bring my setup and hopefully we’ll have 1 more there… don’t know if the roomates will let us use it though haha.

So who’s all going?


roll call fellas

unfortunately i wont be able to participate in the tourney, but i plan on spectating the finals (SF4 mostly, might skip the other events)

Lets get some pre fights!!! or post fights


if u get me a plane ticket ill come :slight_smile:

get some cammy videos of matches though !


I wish I had money to go, I would love to see this in person :frowning: good luck man


Just found out NewtyBar is going to WCW. 2 Delta Red agents are going! Make sure to go crazy in the ustream chat when you see us :smiley:

I wonder if Allen’s coming down for the tournament… only a 6 hour drive lol. I have another friend who plays Cammy. He might be going as well, I’ll talk to him tomorrow.


Wish I could go but I used up all my vacation time in Japan =P


is there a stream live? :o


Im sure there will be a live stream. Since Gootecks is promoting it Im sure itll be on like ufrag or something.




is there something wrong with ustream?


no, i was just wrong when I guessed Ufrag =P


It was originally going to go with ufrag… don’t know what happened. Only says “complications” on the website… didn’t realize there was registration at the door… STILL NOT TOO LATE!


Just got reports that Dentron will be attending as well.


liking the idea of an WCW after party. Some cool cammy player slip me some drinks damn it!


what day+time is it? might watch ya on stream


lol! I’ll probably be out by the 1st or 2nd round of pools.

For some reason I get nervous and my execution goes to sh*t when I play decent people who I know are good. I can only imagine in a tournament…I’ll probably even have issues getting a cannon spike off…

…I think it is open bar all tourney long so maybe I’ll have a few drinks before I play. Liquid courage works for the womenz, why shouldn’t it work for SF


It’s double elimination… so second or third round :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously man, think of it this way:

So you might loose here. It’s not life or death. It’s a game, and you’ve probably played the game just as much has he did. Still, he could be better. You don’t care if he’s better, you’re going to give him one hell of a match. Who cares if you loose, make him exclaim after the match, “Damn, that was a scary!” Give him a run for his money. MAKE HIM FEAR YOU! I AM BATMAN!!!

usually works :smiley:


yeah…it’s a weird issue I have…I’ve asked around and it doesn’t seem like others can relate…

I just tense up and everything I try to do ends up being a cannon spike (= death). I just look like some scrub that is cannon spiking everywhere.

It’s ok we need to fill up the bar tab anyway.


Nah, I know what you mean. Went to a small Soul Calibur 4 tourney once and because I was facing people whose names I actually recognized from videos and stuff (friggin’ ARIS was there!) I pretty much clammed up and let the other guy mix me up all day.

My Cassandra lost to a Yunseong, I finished dead last. Haha. But it’s all good, after all that pressure’s over with, you can just play a ton of casuals against people that are very willing to teach you everything they know.


haha, I know I start to shake when a match is good. I almost dropped my arcade stick when I played combofiend. It was a such a good match. It was rape, but it was fun :smiley:

NewtyBar, I’d suggest going to local arcades then. Do you live around LA? If you do, I’d go to AI or any others and just play the local legends as much as possible.

Maybe get into a local scene?


I’ll be there repping Cammy for the tourney. 2 and Out no doubt about that, haha. I’ll be down for some casuals for sure.