Cammy players please stand up!

She got burn in the 5 on 5 and was in the top 8 I love her and i know a lot of other people love/believe in her. She is Awesome character and i am proud to to say these words.

“MISSION COMPLETE”:rock::karate::lovin:

Hey dawg ur cammy was GDLK so fucking fast and ur were too smart with her in the finals vs the RYU player setting him up for the ultra too smart. My question is how u do the fast or the triangle jump thing with her that shit is fast…

YEAH. Keep reppin’ Cammy!

I have a question for you though:
Do you think the outcome of your match against J. Wong would have been any different if you went with Cammy instead of Akuma?

Cammy only player here!

Awesome job at Evo dude, you’re the man. Learnt a bunch of things just watching your few matches through the stream thats already improved my game. Hopefully its the same for a lot of players and we get even more people reppin’ Cammy.

Seriously good work reppin’ Cammy at Evo…

Glad to see someone doing work with her when everyone else is doubting her.
I def main Cammy, but will admit I need alot of work… Still love her though!

You sir, are full of awesome.

and my Hero :shy:

And I love Cammy

Thank you Sanford. I have been supporting Cammy since the console version came out and was hoping that someone would come to Evo and get her into top 8 and I wasn’t disappointed. Your match with Dan was awesome. Keep representing. Mission complete indeed. Oh yeah. If you would have gotten to Daigo would you have used Cammy?

He was going to use Seth vs. Daigo. =)

Sup Sanford. Damn you really surprised me when you pulled out Cammy for the 5 V 5 and the tourney, good shit. I really didn’t think you had the balls to bring her out, but damn I guess I was wrong:(

She was indeed top 8. I don’t think Sanford used her in every match he played, at least from what I saw. This is totally understandable, of course, and I’m not in any way trying to squash his accomplishment.

I just wish I could have seen some mad styling on fools with her, like 1 frame linking out of spiral arrow fadc. I heard there was lag on the big setup though.

win your next local sticking with cammy the whole time then people will have real faith :wink:

probably good to stick with her in this game since you know capcom won’t fuck up on sf4 dash and actually make her viable without having to be a godlike player or getting raped by actual good players who know what they’re doing

You did your thing sanford… Definitely repped hard with Cammy, so I’m certainly proud as a Cammy player… You certainly didn’t miss a beat

Good shit Sanford I was only able to see that match between you and Dan but you repped Cammy well, maybe she could finally move up that Tier list or fuck the list all together I’m standing up with Cammy

I’m also proud to be repping Cammy was rooting for all the cats out there at EVO. Sanford you did it sir!

I loved when we saw you bust out the Doll during 5 v 5, you were facing DJB13! That was a nice highlight even though DjB didn’t have much success, but props to him for all those combo vids and also maining her at EVO

That was some seriously good work, Mr. Kelly. My dad happened to walk by and watch your match with Dan, and even though he didn’t really understand what was going on, he could tell an ass whooping was being dealt.

Cammy pride.

Cammy’s so white she’s aight ! :rock:

:mad: TARGET LOCK-ON ! Gyro Drive Smasher! :mad:

Before seeing your fight I was becoming very discouraged with playing Cammy, but now that I’ve seen you play her the fire has been reignited, and I plan on sticking with her regardless of how many times I lose. Thank you for showing the world that you can kick ass with any character regardless of what the tiers dictate.

I’ve never lost faith in her as a character…I was just getting tired of her getting bashed by my playing circle “Cammy sucks, just drop her this game”…I’m a loyal person so I can’t do that…

This was more like a “What’s up bitches!’s not Cammy that sucks!”…oh wait…it’s me…

Cammy is just excellent… sure she might have some oddities in SF4, but i strayed away fromusing her as my main, but came right back… damned fun man.

Also grats on EVO, it was a pleasure watching you play

Well done on repping the British assassin. It was really refreshing to see her wreck someone in a high stakes match.

Blonde bombshell forever.