Cammy players?

Hey, I’ve been having trouble with the cammy matchup primarily because they all disappeared from xbl, well ever since AE imo. lol but thats besides the point I wanted to know if anybody can help me with the matchup?

We are still here. As for myself, I’m usually on around 8pm pst.

Where are you located? can’t stand playing anything but green bars. and I’m talking search screen green bar, not lobby green bar

lol I understand, I live in alabama

That’s rough, bro.

Hope you’re lucky with finding matches…

Hasn’t been a problem so far. I’d rather wait the 2 minutes it takes to find a good connection than letting myself get frustrated with lag

I’m around but I’m from UK.
I struggle with Cammy mirrors so I could do with a but of help on it really. =/

I’ve found that the players that appear with 2(orange) bars, actually have 3 (yellow) when you join them on the custom search, and 3 bars the latency is pretty good. In ps3 and PC

xbl gt LynGuiStiics

Same here, I won’t play anyone who is yellow. Even with green bars, it’s bad enough.

Yall should add me. My mirror matches are shit.

XBL: The Martian IV

xbl SO AmaZYN i’m not a beast with her but i’d say i’m good with her FYI i’m in NYC