Cammy Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

This has worked for me until about 2500 BP…then people got smart : ( From then on, some of these tricks may not work, and these are tips, not something to be constantly repeated (cough) shoryuken (cough)

  1. Everyone tends to forget ( as weird as it sounds ) about Hooligan. When I am often turtled by annoying Sagats and …ugh…Guiles, i just hooligan throw them. Usually after that they are all lie " WTF move was that?", and you can spiral arrow them and whatnot, then repeat the process. Should they catch on, you can always just hooligan and let Cammy slide kick them right in the crotch.

  2. After a high jump fierce kick to the face, you can combo straight into her ultra/super is you’re fast enough.

  3. Sprial arrow, can combo into a canon spike if you against a wall.

I know these tips sound primative, but Cammy is awesome and it’s really to rack up BPs with her. My only real problem is Balrog and Blanka players…but they dont come up to often. So if you’re one of those constant shoryuken Ken guys, drop it and come to Cammy…cuz sh;es just better…oh and Dan. Dan rocks too.

You must be playing horrible turtlers… Hooligan throw does not hit crouching opponents, chances are that guile will just flash kick when you get close and Bison will do his kick… it’s like giving your opponent a free attack. does not combo into ultra.
Edit: Yes it can.

Spiral arrow can’t combo into cannon spike even when you’re against a wall as far as i know.
Edit: Yes it can, I’m wrong.

I would abuse grabs against turtlers, only attack that is sure to get damage in… everything else is too dangerous.

i hope you’re using atleast ex hooligan. because people who fall for regular hooligan must be horrible players, especially if they’re turtling lol.

I can personally vouch that you can. I just did it in training. You just need the kick to be deep.

Lk crossup tick into throw/low/TK strike mixup should make turtlers not feel safe blocking all day.

j fk DOES combo into ultra.

Are you sure it combos? How deep is deep, because even when I land the kick almost completely on top of him, he still blocks the ultra.

EDIT: Well then… multiple people have done it… so it must be possible. Tips for landing it?
Nvm, got it.

Push HK later. Don’t kick him in the head, kick him in the gut.

“Deep” in the regard he meant is doing kick late in the jump in (throwing out the kick at the last second before Cammy lands). If you do it late enough, you are able to link an ultra after it.

Yup yup, got it.

Against turtlers, I like to use Ex Hooligan to close ground and stay close. I like to apply constant pressure on them.

sorry for the noobie question but how do you do the Tk cannon strike?

Someone posted frame data in another thread that, if correct, means you can spam tk strike forever because it gives you enough advantage on block to be able to whip out another one before they can do anything. So you could just chip away all day long with that, although I would assume the frame data is incorrect because that sounds broken.

For The Red Strawberry:

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Look at the numbers as if they were your d-pag, stick, or analog. The TKDK is: 2149, kick or 2369, kick depending on which side you are (left or right). You want to do the back motion as if you were doing a regular DK then go at an angle upward. Be careful not to roll the whole motion because it will come out as a forward jump kick and land you in a poor position.

P.S. no need for apology, but check some of the threads here they are incredibly helpful and I have found they answer many questions already!

I think you can get hit out of it with a reversal DP.

Not true. 214789 is a legit (and less difficult) method of TK Striking.

If you get a jumping attack, you messed up your kick button timing.

I gotta try that out. I only tried 21459 crossing neutral.

Ohhhh, really? That is great to know! I will try that out as well, my bad.

j.FK does combo into ultra, however hooligan does not at all affect turtlers.

That’s the #1 complaint of most Cammy players right now…

That and the slow start-up time of the backfist and how vulnerable the hooligan is.

Hooligan is risky and should be used sparingly and wisely.

Ex hooligan has been the safest closer for me so far. It’s pretty easy to avoid all damage from 3/4 screen length while you wait for a good opportunity to shut them down. I very rarely try to hooligan until they are low on HP so it comes out as a surprise move. She does massive damage so I don’t really have a problem burning them down near the start when they are more likely to try and trade blows.

Yeah, the game’s engine is lenient enough that by the time you hit UF+K (which should be done pretty much simulatneous) it won’t count 78 as part of the input. Do it the same speed as a Hooligan or Fei’s Chicken Wing.