Cammy Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

I think that kind of depends on your skill level.

Teyah’s post just up above has some easier combos that still do fair damage.

I use cr.lp > cl.HP as a bread and butter mostly because it works on everyone, I almost never screw it up and I have a list of what dive kick is ambiguous afterwords.

cr.lp>cr.lp> can be good as well as cr.lp>cr.hp> except I believe this one can whiff on a few.

When breaking down this combo on Honda: cl hp > cr hp > cr mk > spiral mk + spike (in corner)

Can I practice just the cr mk > spiral mk + spike (in corner), to get the + spike (in corner) timing, or are the other moves needed because of them creating specific spacing?

cr. lp, cl. hp whiffs on crouching blanka. Remember to switch to cr. lp, cl. mp, cr. mp on blanka.


I’ve recently started playing Cammy and have a few questions to get started. ^ ^

Which Cannon Spike has most invincibility / should be used as anti-air? I remember one being vulnerable while grounded which can be troublesome.

What is the difference between each CS (angle/hitbox…)?

Is there any setups I can do after a forward throw or a Cannon Spike?
Are there any meaty SA setups to juggle with Spike or that put Cammy at frame advantage?

Any use for Hooligan or Spin Knuckles?

Thanks in advance!

Mk and Hk both have 5, ex has 6. (According to Eventhubs)
This might help with the CS stuff? Cannon Strike Hit/Block Advantage (all heights)
You can Hp Hooligan after a spike to catch them on wake up. Check out Geoff’s tutorial for more hooligan and meaty SA stuff.

EX Hooligan is good for punishing fireballs. Spin knuckle can be, but not as often. for me anyway. That tutorial video should be good to get started with though!

Thanks a lot!

greetings cammy forums. i’m new to the character since this is my first time actually thinking of maining her since my previous main ( yang ) is lacking in areas which i feel cammy excels in. but basically, i want to know 3 things and if these specific things are lurking around a thread that i might have just missed, just point me there instead. ok so…

#1 what are cammy 4 frame and up safe jump set ups?

#2 how do i set up her hooligan throw on knockdown? ( the one that takes advantage of one frame standing while getting up? )

#3 how do i set up her ambiguous dive mix up after bnb’s?

thanks in advance to anyone that takes time of out their schedule to help me out.

How do I practice frame traps and safe jumps in training mode? I’ve seen doing the “1P as test opponent, 2P as Cammy set to playback” thing, but that’s for seeing if a setup -works- right?

How do you go about practicing actually doing them? As in to learn the timing.

I’m attempting to learn a few option selects before the next major. I looked at the OS thread but it seemed a lil outdated. Not to say the OS’s aren’t the same or anything… but anyway can someone feed me the inputs for these OS’s. I’d really appreciate it.

OS sweep
OS cannon strike into SA
OS into u1
and any other useful ones i need to lvl myself up =)

For practicing frame traps, just record the frame trap you want to use with cammy as the dummy, then play back. Just tech with different timings to see when you are able to get counter hits.

for those OSes, this is how you do it:

jab OS sweep; cr.:lp: cr:hk: cr:lp:. the :hk: and the second :lp: is done almost like a plink. This one doesn’t really work on too many chars tho, but alot of shotos get hit by it. (Ryu, Ken, Gouken, Akuma, Sagat. Think also DeeJay, can’t remember them all)

CS OS SA; just time the input of the SA in the hitstun of the CS, that way if it whiffs it will come out.

jab os ultra would be the same as jab os sweep, except a bit harder to do since it’s more inputs. the easiest way to do it, is do :d: :df: :d: cr:lp: :df: :f: :db: :3k:, :lp:. You will have to time the :3k: so that it’s within the chain cancel window, otherwise you’ll end up canceling the jab into ex dp or super. Same goes for the os sweep.

cr. :mk: xx sa: just do it at a range you know it’ll whiff unless your opponent sticks out something.

another one, that’s very easy, but often overlooked, is to input a dash after anti airing with a cannon spike. that way, you’ll often be in position to juggle with another dp if the first one trades, or ultra if you got your opponent in the corner

Thank lollaff!

Simple questions here? Check.

Simple question - Where do I start lol. Man there’s so many threads and they span 3 games… I been reading all day at work and there’s stuff everywhere lol! Ok if someone could show me where to head for AE 2012 info… it would be great. I’m looking for everything. I want everything. Hit me with the book man. I’m not playing.

EDIT - Please…

This is something the community and I’ve been slowly compiling together. There’s some info on how to play, frame traps, combos, etc.

Oh yeah (kool aid)!! That’ll get me started. Gym tonight. Then b&b practice…

Quick question folks. What are my Dive kick options after I score knock down & what are safe jumps setup

Which would you consider to be Cammy’s best air to air normal? Also, is the combo Cl.MP, Cr.HP, Cr.MK character specific because I can’t seem to connect the Cr.MK.

Check out the Combo Thread. There’s a chart on who the sako combo works.
I guess j. mk is a decent ait to air but not sure if it’s the best.

Usually you would anti-air from the ground before trying to air-to-air. And then you might want to airthrow instead of using a normal, for the damage and knockdown.

If you want to air-to-air, she doesn’t really have a standout “this is your air-to-air” normal, but almost everything works to some extent.

HK is usually the #1 choice for range and damage, when you have time/spacing. (jump-back j.HK)

LK starts up faster, still has a decent hitbox, so you’d use it close-up when you don’t want to airthrow. LP too.

MK hits upwards and forwards, doesn’t work as well as you might think for whatever reason. Still useful, but I prefer [S]airthrow[/S] faster normals like j.LP in most cases.

MP probably has the best overall coverage, so you use it in weird cases like against Dhalsim j.MP.

That’s for angled jumps. All of her neutral jump normals except j.LK are basically interchangeable, they’re all air-to-air with minor specialties.

I find myself using j.short a lot in air to air situations just because it comes out really fast, great range and gives a good dash under reset mixup.
Not solid by any means but hey…