Cammy Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

I can’t get this one to work… the kick timing is still on the 9, correct? I decided to try it since I can’t make it come out consistently when I skip 7 and 8.

Are you playing on pad? Try it on a stick - much, much easier. It really is just like a Hooligan.

Hey all I’m a cammy player so add me because I need help!. Playign on a pad for the time being though.

Playing on the Xbox360 controller stick… still can’t seem to get it. Just seem to jump backwards.

On a side note, is it just me, or are all of Cammy’s move harder to do from the left -.-? I have to practice them like 4 times as much from that side…

I’ve gotten this to combo against Zangief several times even when he wasn’t against a wall. Though he is the only character that I know of that you can do the combo against when they aren’t in the corner.

Geif is a big enough target to get hit by it when he isnt against a wall… and thank god, cuz he’s hard enough as he is

have you maybe got some advise against shoryuken kens? (I’ve got the game since 3 days now and 9/10 people online seem to pick ken).

What’s the best way to block/avoid a shoryuken? he seems to be doing it out of every situation, from the ground, after i’ve hit him, and so on :looney:

and if i manage to block it, what’s the best punishment for it?

i’ve never had so much trouble getting into a beat’em up like i have at sf4… i’m around 10-60 now with Cammy only

Just hold down back while he’s on the ground, if he doesn’t use it right away, grab, if he does, you block. Try to force them to do things they aren’t comfortable with on wakeup. After he comes down, s.fp xx CS FADC CS (sans FADC CS if you’re meterless) is pretty good, ultra works too on the flaming ones, or if you’re not confident in your comboing abilities, just grab him.

knock him down, dash next to him, block it. Then you have a million options. Throw is the safest IMO, you can link crouching mk into your SA for solid easy damage too.

Edit: if you can do it, like walrus said, CS-FADC-CS is big damage.

kk, thanks, i’ll have to try this

what does the FADC mean? :wgrin:

one more question: if he jumps towards me and i’m too late to counter with CS or
airgrab, should i block crouched or standing? If i start crouched, he seems to get his
combo trough with a high attack and if i stand, he’ll low kick me to the ground and start it over :sweat:

FADC = focus attack dash cancel.

If you have at least 2 bars of super meter, you can cancel the end of a move’s animation with a Focus Attack and move in to combo or dash away and make it safe.

CS-FADC-CS = 623K, MP+MK (hold), 66, let go of MP+MK, 623K

Block the jump kick standing, since all jump ins hit overhead, then block crouching for the rest of the followups.

FADC = Focus Attack Dash Cancel. I won’t go into much detail on it because there’s information on it everywhere. But pretty much, you execute an attack, immediately press FA, then dash out of it. Look in the Cammy combo thread or some of the side threads. I’m sure you can find some information in it.

I would normally start out blocking crouched because overhead from the ground is slow, you can see it coming and adjust, or just outright counter with CS. Just be ready to tech any grabs coming your way.

i hate shoryuken hyper kens! go cammy

Also for those shoryu-Kens, just be patient. Force them to switch up their game by being patient and countering their blocked shoryukens. Don’t try to bring the pain until you’ve knocked him down and you can dance around his fallen corpse (MUAHAHAH)

how the hell was this thread stickied? who and why?

no offence just a question…

I think it’s a good idea… keeps these questions here w/o interrupting discussion in the other threads…

New players simply don’t sift through the 30+ page generic threads looking for their answer. This definitely will reduce clutter.

Any tips for pulling off the c.lp sa combo? I can’t seem to link the sa for the life of me :frowning:

Do the links more slowly. Then do the qcf+k after the second

Delay the 2nd and then immediately slide qcf and SA.