Cammy Q&A Thread: Simple questions and detailed answers (hopefully)

1 - im using stmk and crhp as pokes and crmk as a hit confirm mostly.

2 - Cammy doesnt have many legit frame traps i just try 2 condition my opponent if i can. Its kinda hard 2 explain but u have 2 make them scared to press buttons its harder against scrubs cause they will literally just mash jab everytime but when they do this u can whiff punish them or even use a medium or heavy 2 out priorize there light then when there scared 2 push buttons throw them. If they keep teching ur throw do shit like use a light then walk up and do smp instead of a grab they will have 2 respect it after a while. Its hard 2 put into practice but give it a try.

3 - I dont really use her dive kicks maybe ex every now and again.

10 frames inv on a 3 frame dp, no more safejumps.

  • What do I do in regards to oki with this character? Once I finally get in on my opponent and knock them down, I have no idea how to capatalize on the momentum. I’ve tried using Cannon Strike (usually mp) on their wakeup as well as HP.Hooligan into Cannon Strike, but it seldom opens anyone up and dont seem like efficient ways to apply oki.
  • When do you use her divekicks, anyway? I feel like I abuse them more than I should, but I have no idea how to efficiently utilize them or when.
  • How/when do you guys generally use her V-Skill?
  • And finally, what is the use of Cammy’s 6HK? It’s negative, right?


  1. You should use f.HK from about midrange only to close the gap going forward. It’s negative and combined with canny’ good throw range it’s a good setup. It doesn’t crush lows like Necalli’s overhead, but the hitbox extends further than the hurtbox. If you want to catch a button, do a very short frame trap like s.MP, s.LP, then walk back and c.MK to catch their limb.

  2. You can easily solve this problem. You already have all of the tools. It’s not about the buttons but how well you set it up. Do something like j.HP, s.MP and walk forward and throw. [the opponent should have blocked all of that except the throw. Then do it again except this time when you walk up to throw, talk a small step forward and then immediately hold back. If your opponent is thinking they will throw and you have succeeded, if they do nothing, they aren’t thinking and the next time you do this set up, throw them again.

  3. You have to condition your opponent to look away from the air. You need to abuse s.MK and c.MK to the point your opponent starts defending against them, then and only then will you see the effectiveness of them. The hooligan dive is good when you knock them down. After b.MP > s.HK xx qcf.HK you can go for the hooligan shenanigans, you can do it early which will cross over them with the hooligan, then you’ll dive kick back to the other side. This baits out dp’s. If you do it a little later, you can cross them up and if you hit nothing you can hit them low.


  1. The name of the flame is left right high low. I recommend doing oki from the target combo into spiral arrow from there you have time to set up cross uos, do empty jump lows, etc. Cammy’s j.LK crosses up there, you can dovekies to do some tricky left right stuff, you can hooligan into one of the three possible follow ups, and you also have the option to do empty jump low.

  2. If they work use’em. You can use them for pressure or oki. They’re effective for both.

  3. I use one for kick into cannon drill, for the knockdown, and the other for the dive kick oki afterward. Honestly the damage you get from combining them is piss-poor and so by using one for he knockdown and the other for the setup, you get more bang for your buck.

  4. f.HK is for closing the distance from midrange into close range.

I don’t taut myself as an authority, but if you folks have any other questions, feel free to ask. Sorry if it takes a while to get back to you, I live in Japan so I’m asleep when you’re awake lol.

I’m trying to unlock the colors from survival but it gets too hard at stage 26. Does anyone know how I can get further?

Learn how to manually time stmp and crmp to hit meaty on someones wakeup and from there go for stmp>crmp>crmk or crmp>crmp>crmk.

What happens after the first sequence for example:

If stmp counter hit,you link into crmp>hk sa (or crmp>vta>sthp>whatever if you have v-trigger stocked). Ofc if someone can confirm off the stmp only you can go for max dmg/stun stuff

If they block the stmp and press anything afterwards crmp will counter hit,allowing you to link into crmk>sa (with v-trigger stocked you can do ch crmp>crmk>vta ending with either hk dp or super or both,not worth it unless it wins you the round imo)

If someone blocks both stmp and the crmp after, you do crmk with a buffered qcf input,confirming the crmk into hk sa on hit or doing nothing if it gets blocked, crmk is -3 on block but the oppenent wont be in range to punish you. I have to mention here that mashed 3f/4f cr jabs after someone blocks your crmp will counter hit your crmk but if you walk back a frame or two after your crmp gets blocked and sthp with a buffered sa behind it their jab will get either counter hit or whiff punished, if they dont press anything your sthp will whiff and sa wont come out. The whiff can get punished but its not easy,and it isnt free meaning they have to choose. For example if a bison tries to punish your slight walk back/whiff with his crmk,if you went with crmk immediately after your blocked crmp you are gonna counter hit him

Then you start mixing throws/tick throws/hooligan cancels into your sequences and voila.

You can’t link cr. MP > st. MK unless the cr. MP is counter hit or meaty.

cr. MP is only +5 on hit. The start-up of cr. MK is 7 frames.

Im assuming counter hits ofc. I was talking about a frametrap situation sorry if i didnt specify it enough :frowning:

1 - What does TK mean?
2 - Is b+MP a better AA than Cannon Spikes, or are they both used for different jump ins?
3 - Is it safe to assume that her V-skill isn’t very good other than to go through fireballs?
4 - Is her v-skill fooling anyone on wake up or is that something everyone has figured out by now?
5 - Do any of her regular divekicks cross up?

1 - It refers to the old tiger knee motion. It is qcb + up forward. This lets you do air specials really close to the ground (mainly ex-divekick or vtrigger divekick)
2 - is better used against crossups since her DP moves you forward a little bit. It’s also good because you keep momentum (you can dash meaty for cross-unders, etc)
3 - Yes.
4 - Game is still new so yeah. I really doubt it will be useful later on though.
5 - No.

1 - Tiger Knee. It is used to refer to a dive kick that is done by doing QCB before the jump. So the input is as follows: QCB > upforward+ kick.
2 - bMP gives you more momentum after you land one and it is easier to react. DP gives you more dmg and guarantee that you will not trade, but you can’t pressure the opponent afterwards, unless you’re AA them in the corner.
3 - Yeah, even against char with fireballs, they’ll be expecting it. But you can make them block some if you use sparingly enough by catching them by surprise when they are focused on the neutral game waiting for something else. It is not useless, it is just bad :slight_smile:
4 - Its probably a gimmicky, yeah.
5 - I don’t think so.

Ah okay, thanks guys! I was trying to do a quick dive kick motion starting at upforward going clockwise to back, a little less than a 360 motion.

Does each cannon strike have a different minimum height? EX is very simple to do with the tk motion. HK version is easier as well. MK and LK seem impossible. Can anyone else get them reliably [90% of the time]

^ I’ve been actually wondering that myself. If there’s any different height restriction. I doubt it though.

Can anyone tell me what any of her cannon strikes are on block?

I dont kno the exact frames but im pretty sure only ex is + frames


There is no way that EX dive kick is -11. Not even in the worst case scenario.
There is something wrong here.

the other divekicks can’t be that negative too, they’re at least 0 if you hit below the chest.

Wait this are the SA frames. SA is -12/-15/-11/-11

Can you play an effective Cammy without using instant dive kicks? The execution is beyond me