Cammy question

My only problem with my C groove CBS team (Cammy/Sagat/Blanka) is that I rarely connect her QCF, D, DF+K super off a or

Everytime I do a normal I cant cancel into the super. The funny thing is I tested Ryu’s ShinShoryuken and it comes all all the time from a, but I cant get Cammy’s same motion to work often.

Anybody give any pointers on how I should be moving the joystick for her level 2 QCF,D,DF+K super?

It’s qcf, qcf+K

Ummm is the command for her super different than Arcade cause in DC mode its QCF,D,F+K

So in the actual arcade its QCFx2… if so that makes it a whole lot easier.


Ok OBEY me by telling me why I’m not connecting a QCFx2+K after a or in DC training mode.

You time it wrong. Either your motions, or hitting (or releasing) the button for the super.

That’s basically it really. You push (or release) kick for the super, when your normal attack connects.

Thanks you answered my question I see where I’m messing up at when I’m holding

I still dont get it though O.o been playing Mvc2 too much. I do a (?I hold it down?) qcfx2 than release kick and it should come out and connect.

Why couldnt she be like damn Sagat geez he can connect his tiger raid easily off of anything.

is it a link or a cancel?

You might be trying to cancel it to fast, her has some start-up, make sure it’s out before you try to cancel it.

You obeyed! Thanks

well, there are two ways you can cancel into the super. either negative edge it, or press another kick button while holding down the kick button u used for a normal kick.

neg. edge example:, hold the button while doing the super motion, let go at the last input of the super.

reg. example:, hold the hk, during last input press either lk or mk and the super should come out easier. this is the way i do it.

one more thing: for the into super combo, i think u have to do the super early, like RIGHT after the connects, or something like that. if u do it too late, i don’t think it’ll come out. i think u might get a tad bit more time if u want to buffer into the super with but i could be wrong… well i hope any of this helped…

s. HK IS a fast cancel. I get it everytime on one side but barely more than half on the other.
EDIT: it also helps to be close, hit the opponent with Cammy’s knee.
c. mk should be easy, you probably just need practice.
To my knowledge, any fb x2 motion can be done as fb, d, df.
That’s kind of a piss off. It means you can’t crouch constantly and expect to rip off a DP real quick unless you pass through neutral.

i was wondering will this work?

jump in HK, FP, HK (all link with like 2seconds between them) and then cancel buffer or whatever into qcfx2 mk super, and you know the rest

i’m so far away when i connect the last HK that the qcfx2 super won’t cancel into it, i don’t know i was just wondering if this could be techinically done.


The absolute fastest cancels in the game are those of moves with only three total hit frames. Blanka d.MP, Sagat s.MP, or Iori’s s.MK (ie. the “Scrub Kick”) for example. Canceling those moves into super is hard! There was a hypothesis and some experimentation here in this forum about how you aren’t allowed to cancel a normal until at least its third hit frame. Assuming this is correct, all these normals are ONE-FRAME cancels! Now those you have to be fast on…

I don’t know about Cammy far s.HK so much anymore.

Sure you can. You need a good stick and lots of practice that’s all. Good players like Ino or Choi do d.MK xx dp combo with Sagat all the time. They would get d.MK xx high tiger super all the time if crouching down and doing a dp was really that hard. Train yourself so you instinctively go to neutral for a small fraction of a second every time.

Edit: I just realized my reply to post I quoted makes absolutely no sense… :lol:

when would xx dp combo be better move to use than s.fp xx dp or xx dp?

i understand s.fp won’t hit short characters like blanka (for real… sometimes it whiffs), but doesn’t hit mid?

just wondering… i still need info on cammy though haha

What I meant is if you constantly hold db, then do a DP without going through the neutral state.

ex, with sakura, I do c.short, c.jab, c.short xx DP. You need to hold down forward for it to work, unless you get a shinku hadoken instead of DP. That’s how I’ve adapted, start the combo defensively with db, then move to df as you’re doing the jabs. Saves me the trouble of going through neutral.

So if you want a super, my advice would be to hit low while holding db, and try to cancel into dp, hazzah, super.
For cammy s. HK, just slow down the game to the lowest speed.:stuck_out_tongue:

A Better example is in 3s when Daigo does, jab dp alot. It’s not that hard. As for the just do it wtf…I only use it as a far away punisher, because the cancel is so fast you have to pretty much know it’s going to hit, on the ground (an air counter hit will pop them up screwing your combo) then do it. You’re better off doing s.hp because can link the super, and’s alot easier.