Cammy Quick Combination - What moves does it counter?

Hey guys this is my first post on Shoryuken. I’m a Cammy main on XBL with about 4100 BP or so. I wouldn’t call myself good, I’m pretty basic as far as playing goes, but I make some good reads and stuff that get me some wins.

My question here is about CQC. Upon personal experience it is almost worthless, as I have only gotten it about once or twice. However, I saw that it does have the ability to work against non-armor breaking specials and ultras, so my question here is what exactly ARE those ultras and specials it can work against? If someone could point me in the right direction or help me out I’d appreciate it.

It works on everything that’s not an armor-breaker or a projectile.

It works against all specials that are not armor-breaker or a projectile.

For ultras it depends on the ultra. You can counter Blanka’s ultra as it’s not armor breaker. But Ultras like Ryu’s will beat it as it’s a projectile. There was a thread around here somewhere that listed all the ultras that could be countered but not sure about it’s current whereabouts.

Hope this helps!

doesnt work on grab ultras either.