Cammy scribble

gogo cammy :slight_smile:

nice! I think the nose area needs to be refined a bit and her waist is too big. the bottom part of her costume should come up higher on the side also, so her hipbones are exposed. looking good otherwise though! you should do the 3s challenge!

Her nose does need refinement, though I slightly disagree w/ her waist. It’s at a 3/4thish view so it would seem wider. If i’m totally wrong though, feel free to tell me.

I <3 criticisms

Here’s a sketchover. I’m not sure if i did the crotch area right but i did the best I can. Hope it helps! I just now nowitce the arm is a tad too long as well. It should fall midthigh unless it’s a vixen then you can make the thigh longer then it’ll fall a bit above midthigh.

the lack of shading in the first sketch makes her stomach look fat =[
other than that, it kicks ass
she’s so out of it
like how a shadaloo doll should be

like DFist,I also did a paintover, but I focused more on the pose aspect of the pic.

additional crits:

  • ear is too far back.
  • might want to watch the perspective, some elements don’t line up with the rest of the body (shoulders vs hips vs eyes vs elbows)

the shadows on her lower torso are very important, because it implies body tone. If you have nice crisp shapes it helps give the impression that she’s lean and wearing a bodysuit.

good stuff aquarake, keep posting! :slight_smile:

Quit while you’re ahead.

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