Cammy Season 2 Changes: Why all the hate from none Cammy players? And other questions

I have a couple of questions. First off, I main Cammy. Coming in to Season 2 (S2), it had been a while since I played due to school and work. When I got a chance to sit down and better understand the S2 changes, I didn’t feel like she had been greatly effected by nerfs or buffs. What I’m getting at is, can someone clearly define the the tools she now benefits from and what of her previous tools have changed negatively?

Let me preface this next question; I don’t really care about tiers. When you hear both the community and top players mention certain characters and their placement on a tier list, it catches my interest. Since I main Cammy, the following question has popped in to my head a lot lately. Can someone please explain why everyone is complaining that she is now “Top/ God Tier” like Chun was last season? I always felt like she was top 5, so is it that the previous higher tier characters all got moved more drastically than her? If someone could provide insight, that would be much appreciated.

From my perspective, she is absolutely stronger. It’s sort of funny because of the fact that she was universally agreed upon to be top tier, and I personally had her top 3.

The change that I enjoy the most is the push back buff she got from which allows some new combos on counter hit but also lets you rack up the white health. The move is also +3(iirc) for the lulz.

So he white damage game got improved when it was already pretty nice. is now 8 frame start up so it’s a little easier to spam. This helps her white damage game as well as traditional footsie game.

Another sweet change is her cr.lp now has an added active frame which makes it so we can mash cr.lp and cover both quick rise and backroll

Her dive kick got nerfed, which had everyone worried before any buffs got announced. But I’ll gladly take the dive kick nerf in favor of what she got.

People need something to blame their loses on.

Cammy wasn’t a problem because “mash dat dragon”, now they have to deal with dat pressure.

Also, she still has the best anti-air buttons and the best DP of the game, TopTier Walkspeed, Overall great buttons( now that it’s easier to whiffpunish they’re even better) and deals on her maincombos still the same amount of damage.
Divekicks are harder to use, but they’re still strong tools.
Combine that with the overall nerf to fireballs and the slower white health regeneration.

Thank you very much for the input. That helps me better understand how I should be playing her this season, and also why people are perceiving her as so strong. If anyone has additional resources for Cammy S2 tech, I would love to know where I can keep up with it. I know the forums here are always good for a month or so, but then drop off…

Srk definitely isn’t what it used to be. Twitter seems to be the place now. Discord is good too

Remember back in the start of season one how everyone thought Bison and Birdie were super strong and Ken and mika were shit? That should show you how much attention you should be paying to tier lists right now.

People are still thinking with the season one mentality. Cammy did really well against the season one top tiers and they all got nerfed so she is better against them now. No need to be afraid of Necalli’s momentum changing DP anymore, no instant air legs pressure, Nash is gone, Mika is weaker midscreen, Ken can no longer be retarded and Ryu now plays like a scared puppy.

However there are some matchups where Cammy did good mainly because ex-dive helped you keep the engine running and if the character got bad defense he’d have to block forever. These characters got buffs and ex-dive got nerfed. Some silver level elitists around here will say they never used ex-dive anyway but you can already see people struggling in some weird matchups. Only time will tell how well we can adapt and how good these buffed characters will really turn out to be.