Cammy Set-up Thread



I wanted to make this thread so people can have some what of a basic understanding of her set-up’s I have a few set-up’s on the entire cast for ultra the basic set-up that every cammy player needs is as follows
(back throw cr.lp into mk dive kick try to hit their head it’ll act as a cross-up plus it’s really “cheap”)
another set-up tht works really well against tall characters is
(back throw into j.hp or you can do back throw into cr.hp into j.hp)
those are basic set-up’s they work against every character i’m working on some other set-up’s but those are the only two i have right now tht work against the entire roster


I just dont know if I should cry or laugh.


why whts wrong with the thread?


Everyones is coming up with stuff in the general discussion already instead of making new threads you can just join the rest, your setups (the j.HP ones) don’t actually work on “tall characters” nor do they include anything regarding DWU and on top of that we have already a setup thread with characterspecifics for almos the whole cast (>30 characters) which is also stickied and yet you make a new thread for every question you have lol.


them set-up’s work bruh so wtf are you talking about and shit this threads for set-up’s fuck digging threw shit


Well good luck against anyone with an invincible DP with these stups


yup kuz those exist


Awesome set ups ! Post more if you got it !.


the first set-up beats dp’s if timed correctly


set-up three works on smaller characters like sakura
(back throw,forward dash,neutral jump,ex dive kick)


neutral jump ex dive kick beats out ryu ken akuma’s low forward i think it also works on other low hitting moves but cammy’s crazy good


set-up # 4
back throw into lk works on shotos mainly but it’s really solid against the rest of the cast