Cammy shirts at EVO

Not sure if anyone else saw, but there were some nice Cammy shirts during the stream. James Chen was wearing one during the latter part of the stream yesterday. Does anyone know where I could find one? Thanks.

Unfortunately that was a design that had been long out of print. Fortunately for anyone at EVO, the guys who made the shirt happened to find ONE box in storage (according to them, at least). They sold out pretty fast.

james actually switched out of his evo jersey that he wore for 3 days straight???

Triumvir x Street Fighter enjoy. It’s a clothing line.

The one I was wearing (One of the photographers, bleached hair) was the 2009 Triumvir design.

The one Ono-San was wearing was the 2010 Triumvir design

Triumvir’s site is here.

:: Triumvir ::

the Cammy shirt James was wearing is by this talented artist

SA . JessicaG’s Profile

She is the woman doing the drawings in the center of the room on Friday and Sunday.

Or did you mean this one being sold at EVO by Meat Bun?

Meat Bun :: Store :: Product :: Bombshell (sky)

Or did you mean this one being sold at EVO by Meat Bun?

Meat Bun :: Store :: Product :: Bombshell (sky)

Good call, I thought the op was referring to the Meat Bun 1942 shirt. Sorry for the wrong answer. ^^;

Thanks a bunch everyone. It was the James Chen that I was referring to. I guess that was custom made then. Sorry for any trouble guys.

Actually you can get a hold of Jessica and ask her about them

Hey this is Jess (this totally isnt my srk name, too lazy to log out); thats my shirt you’re talking about there! I make them at home, one at a time by hand using heat transfer vinyl and a heat press, so it’s not licensed or mass produced or anything. I’ve got a couple designs, and they’re made to order if you want one. Slash already posted my gallery website, but you can hit me up directly about getting one or seeing more at– that e-mail also links to my facebook, if you’d rather contact me that way.

I have the 2009 triumvir Cammy shirt in small if anyone is looking to buy. Only worn once :x