Cammy should be ranked #1 character in street fighter, this is why


I am pretty pissed due to the fact that everytime I play street fighter, the only character that can beat me is Cammy (and Akuma but that’s a different story). She should definitely be ranked number 1 in the tier list without a doubt. Keep in mind that I owned an actual SF2T arcade. I play everyday and I’m able to play decent with every character. My main is Dhalsim, others that I also use a lot are Ryu, Gief, Balrog. Anyways, it happens everytime when I have to fight cammy. somehow her priorities are always higher than mine!!! there’s nothing i can use to counter her jumping roundhouse besides a Dragon punch or a flash kick. the thing about charge characters is that if i waste a charge for a projectile, i can’t do a charge anti air and that’s where she gets me. for example, if I sonic boom, she’ll jump fast enough to combo me. regardless it’s a lose lose situation for me. waste my charge for a sonic boom and risk getting a TOD combo or save it for the flash kick? I know almost every counter for normal moves EXCEPT CAMMY’S! I’ve tried about every character with her. She’s just too good at countering my normal or special moves. and she always gets a reversal cannon spike…EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Her jumps are too fast, as if they are timed exactly in the first frame I throw a fireball or sonic boom, etc. She ALWAYS counters my foward, roundhouse, strong, and fierce normal moves with either cannon drill or cannon spike. Everytime I throw one of those normals I get a special move right to the face!! To make matters every worse, it takes about 4-5 hits to ended up knocked out!!! I can waste a whole special and do 3 combos and she’ll still have a load of health left…wtf!!! Her normal throws do MORE damage than Gief’s Fierce SPD if I don’t tech throw. Like wtf are you freaking serious? Just take that in to consideration! her normal throws do MORE damage than Gief’s FIERCE SPD. I honestly can’t process that through my head… Also, when I’m cornered that’s it, my ass is literally handed to me. she will honest to god counter EVERY single move I do! Her footsies are so fast that if I do a reversal DP (or any anti air) she’ll move back with enough time to get back in close enough and throw me or simply block and walk in for the throw…and she’ll rinse and repeat if I keep trying to do a reversal. also her throw range is ungodly long! about the same as Gief, if not longer. I’ve seen pro cammy players on youtube and they play nothing like the cammy cpu. my difficulty setting is set to normal…but regardless whether it’s switch to easy or hard, doesn’t make a difference. she will still manage to whoop my ass over and over. well i feel better now that i vented…time to beat cammy’s ass. (or try to)

Note: Obviously this is a rant if you didn’t get it by now. If you’re an admin please move my thread to the correct forum instead of removing it. I couldn’t find a rant section.


yeah…Cammy’s throw range is the shortest in the game…might wanna double check your stats there…moron…


Fei’s throw range is actually the shortest in the game.


Actually they don’t. Cammy’s ground throws do 32 points of dmg. Her aerial throws 42/34. Zangief’s fierce Spd does 43 points of dmg.


actually, my throw range is the shortest. might want to something something something, darkside.


He’s talking about the CPU, who seems to do double damage while you do half.


Damdai is right: he’s talking about the CPU. These forums focus on player vs player (PvP), not player vs CPU. Thus, this happens to be off-topic, sort of. The issue is the CPU cheats cos arcade operators whined that people would stay on the machine for too long, so Capcom increased the game’s difficulty. A stupid argument for a PvP game, but that’s just how they thought. It never occurred to most western arcade operators that the longer a player stays on the cab, the higher the change he gets challenged and all of a sudden both players spend tons of quarters to determine who’s better.

Cammy would be awesome if one had perfect reflexes, but then almost every character with fast pokes and an invulnerable reversal also would. This rationale leads nowhere.


There’s no rant section for a reason. They’re a waste of time.


But there are the SF4 threads!

And so on…


Sure! Go there. Where the rest of us DON’T go.


I’m not sure what were you trying to acomplish with this. That SF4 is way more popular than ST ? We already know this. That the quality of discussion in SF4 boards is worse than in ST ones ? It’s not, just check the OP of this thread.
Hating SF4 won’t gonna bring more people to ST, on the contrary.


It is self-evident that the quality of the discussions in the ST section is orders of magnitude higher than those on SF4 sections. This is not “hating”, this is a simple and clear fact.

As for the “accomplishment” attempt, I leave that to the few (many, in this section) gifted with finesse and humor. And I don’t recall this forum member being active here, at all.


It seems Capcom messed up with the difficulty setting and the AI

the funny thing is that the Dreamcast version of SFII Turbo is extremely hard, even on the easiest setting (1 star).
I remember playing the Sega Genesis version of the New Challengers on easy, just to see the character endings.

here on very easy the most I could reach was the 4th stage.
I wonder if the PS1 version corrected the difficulty issue


Reminds me when Midway made MKII Rev 2.1 with their cheap ass CPU characters