Cammy Strats

I use Cammy faithfully as my pointman or pointwoman in this case, but the god-tier characters (Magneto, Sent., Storm especially) give me a hard time. What are sum of the things that I can do to minimize the damage or what can i do to beat them? Any help would be appreciated.

Cammy can actually do good against the gods. You just have to practice a lot in training mode and against other people in arcades or online. One thing to keep in mind is that Cammy is really quick, and shes small. Which some moves are whiffed in trying to attack her, and leave opponents open for counters. Work on’s and such, keep this consistent in your gameplan. Dont stray from crouching attacks, because I would say 65%-70% of the time opponents are not focusing on defending low. Shotos (Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Dan, etc.) use this method a lot, because it leads to a following combo or a hyper combo. Cammy, Guile, Charlie, Sakura, M.Bison and mainly the Capcom side focuses on’s & cr.lp’s to initiate a combo. Against rushdowners like Mags & Storm, use her counter attack often (but time it right though). She has two version of the counter, the lp version and the hp version. The lp version does a cannon spike and sends the opponent across the screen (qtcb+lp) The hp version knocks the opponent upwards, allowing for a following attack or combo (qtcb+hp). The hp version I use more, because it allows for a lot of variety as far as combos. You can use IM repulsor to juggle, Doom for mixup, RubyHeart anti-air for aerial combo, either go for basic combo/lock-on super or vertical spear super (which is not used ofter because it has minimal range). Thats just some basic stuff to use against higher tiers, and DONT FORGET THE CR.LK’S!!!


The approach I take with Cammy is a little bit different.


Cammy is best as an anchor for the team rather than on point. Her AA itself is a good tool against mags/storm/sent/cable.

Pros of assist:
-invincibility properties
-comes out fast
-does good dmg
-an awkward path that goes high and far
-it will follow your opponents char. on either side of cammy (helps diffuse crossups from mag/storm well)


  • physical properties on the assist. Once cammy’s C.spike hits once she’ll land, ending the assist. So this means that people can block cammy with certain assists to allow their point to get in.
  • She’s fragile. If people decide to punish your assist you’re screwed.
  • She lands across screen from your point. This makes her hard to cover for certain characters.

Having her as an assist also gives you a couple of good tricks/options against top tier teams:

  • Variable counter that, if connected, gets cammy in safe and hits opp away full screen. But really risky, bc if missed GGPO.
  • The counter however is really good for getting cammy in safe and doing a good chunk of damage if you have 2 meters.
    -So lets say your point character, while on the ground, blocks an AHVB from cable. Just counter cammy into the match and she’ll go through the AHVB. Cancel into KBA for an easy 35-45% off of cable.
    -Other applications for this:
    Storm’s typhoon xx hailstorm.
    Mags’ Shockwave.
    Sent’s hp/rp xx HSF (The timing on this one can be tricky)

ON Point:
Here’s how I see her matchups against the top 4 in order from least to most difficult; Cable/Sent/Storm/Mag.

Cable’s fairly simple and his movements are pretty linear just like cammy’s.
You have a faster full screen dash, fast normals, nj. FP throw which is fast and hard to tech out of.
-Learn to nj. throw when you see him jump. or Guard break if you don’t want to risk them teching ( I use a nj.lp, land, D/f HK)
- Tick throwing is useful against cable (And sentinel) If you tick throw in the corner with hp. theres a free Air combo to super.
- Learn to FP air throw as Cable is falling from a SJ. You can’t Normal jump and throw this, so you gotta SJ. and FP throw.

Watch out for cable’s foot: If cable predicts your dash in, which isn’t hard, he’ll throw out a dash xx If you’re dashing in this is fast, high priority and enough range to catch you. Surprisingly hard to dash xx Crouch cancel block this.


  • Learn to avoid and bait AA’s specifically Capcom. So Dashing in and out, use Magneto tactics and dash to Nj. Forward when you see sent call the AA. Sometimes I’ll even do a Sweep xx HK Hooligan flip if the sent stays on the ground after calling the assist.
    -Sent’s easy to air throw. So if he’s flying low jus throw his ass to the ground and etc.
    -Cammy can punish sent’s missed sj. FP/FK w/ HK Cannon Drill to Super. Also out prioritizes both if done early enough.
    -Try to keep ground pressure on sent to keep him from getting up in the air. I do dashing s.lp-> dash S.lp etc. (Saw it on one of Demon Hyo’s vids). Magneto does something similar with his dash s.lp xx Triangle/Square/Column jump. With this pressure you can try to tick throw or Hooligan flip HP.
    -Always Feint after the KBA. So after the super when you’re on opposite sides just Dash forward -> Dash back when sent is rolling towards you. Helps you get a possible crossup when they stand.

Beating Sent is all about mind games/ keeping pressure on him/ keeping him on the ground/ Pressuring to the corner.

Sents gonna try to beat you the same way he does against psylocke, capcom or other AA’s. However, the difference is that cammy can evade a lot of his attacks w/ her size/speed/Double jump and she can also punish sent for any mistakes from full screen distance.

Her moves are fast so playing aggressively (not recklessly) can help cammy beat out all of sentinel’s s.Attacks and some of his Air/Flying ones.

Pressuring with dash.lps, Tick throwing, unblockable hooligan flip throw, nj. throws makes sent hesitant to do a lot of things against you like: Fly low and stomp, roll after KBA, stand on the ground, and even fly in the air recklessly (from fear of KBA or SJ.CdrillxxKBA). In the corner cammy can do good dmg against sent. Standing FP. Throw is a free Juggle (not OTG) etc. Hooligan flip (Which is easier to connect in corner bc sent can’t nj. backwards) leads to a free juggle.

Vs. Storm and mags
Hard matchups. Best thing you can do is evade as best you can, punish supers with KBA (Hailstorm and shockwave), Nj back and doing a late. C.drill catches a dashing mag/storm pretty well. If they try to SJ. Dash you can just Tiger knee the C.drill. High Triangle jumps can be punished with her :qcb::2k: super. You can also try to beat out their triangle jumps with cammy’s df HK Launcher.

Generally though against storm and mags just try to get cammy out of there.

Other stuff:

  • IMO launch -> sj. lp sj.lp, C.drillxx KBA is her BnB. The full magic series brings them up high on the screen which, from what I’ve noticed, makes the chance of them dropping from the super before it finishes much more likely.The SJ.HKxx C.drill does more damage and keeps them low but you have a higher chance of missing this from cancelling the c.drill too late.

  • You can crossup incoming characters w/ :qcb: KK super.

  • The resets I use are launch, lp lk lp, pause, lp lp, pause ( You should be under opponent) Dj to the other side lp.lp C.drill KBA.
    You have a couple of other options with the same setup such as: DJ to the same side as a feint. Or just cannon drill right as you pass under them/crossup and KBA.
    I do alot of throw resets too (even though their techable it seems that people have a hard time doing it with this throw)
    So you can: Launch ->Magic series -> FP throw lp xx C.drill KBA
    Theres the classic: Launch- Magic - FP throw- Lp lp while falling - Nj up - nj. FP throw xx etc.
    Or I like to mix them with: Launch-> Magic-> FP throw-> lp-> Double jump lp lp -> FP Throw lp C.drill xx KBA

This is just my style of play with her, hope it helps.

Thanks for all the help. It’s much appreciated. This gives me much help into the strat. of how to use cammy.

How the Hell do People do her low punch to Killer Bee Assault Combo? I’ve tried many times and 85% of the Time it doesnt work, even though I’ve played with Cammy since I was a kid…Myabe Arcade stick? But its pretty hard to get off, and Im getting annoyed!!!

Ok. So I was playing a Cammy player. He/she did an air combo that looks like launch, lp, lp, lp, lp double jump, lp, lp, lp, lp xxx HK cannon drill xxx KBA or something close to that. Is that a link? MP -> lp? Or am I going up against a big ass glitch?

Yeah, thats about it. The old dbljmp jab string, cannondrill xx lock-on. Its for show, youd do better in just doing the basic combo w/cannondrill xx lock-on. Another thing is you can aerial grab and jab to reset and go for dbljmp string,cannondrill xx lock-on. A guy did that shit on me like 5 years ago at the arcades and I vividly remembered it. The jab catches them before they land, and you can finish the combo with cannondrill xx lock-on. The hit window is soooo strict, cause she throws them pretty fast. He mustve practiced that like all day everyday, cause I can only do that like 1 out of 50 times!!!

Im not sure of what youre asking, do you mean cr.lp,,s.hp,cannondrill xx lock-on? Thats the only way to link lock-on from the ground, you cant just do cr.lp xx lock-on. I think the move youre talking about it cr.lp xx vertical spear. This is the only normal move that can be linked to a super, which is the vertical spear (where she drills the upwards)

Yeah thats it…Its a pretty tough combo

All lps? I think thats new to the xbox version (Similar to Psylocke’s new ability to link all lps in the air). The most used method is launch sj lp, lk, lp, pause, lp lp, dj. whatever.

As far as resets are concerned you can do a variety of things with her DJ and HP throw (Although the throw is techable and nowadays really predictable).

For the DJ you have things like Air magic series, pause for a sec, dj forward (Crossing the opponent up and resetting the combo meter), dj. lp -> Whatever.
Or for variation you can dj straight up/backwards and reset the combo on the same side. Useful if they’ve caught on to the previous reset.

Hell, you can even not dj. at all and just launch, lp lk lp, pause, lp lp, pause, QCB xx KBA (You’ll do the cannon drill when you QCB rather than the cannon spike b/c you’ve crossed under the opponent to the other side).

W/ the throw you can:
air magic->hp throw, then as your both falling, lp, lp, land, Jump up and HP throw, OTG w/, launch-> whatever

Or there’s: air magic-> hp throw, falling lp lp, Double jump, lp lp, HP throw, the moment you finish the throw sj. lk, cannon drill xx KBA
Good damage from the last HP throw resetting the dmg buffering making KBA hit harder.

But I wouldn’t recommend doing the throw resets too often. It was a great gimmick back in the day, but a lot of players know about it, expect it, and will tech it pretty easily.

In a match, I really only use the HP throw for jumping characters or a low flying sentinel. Learning to catch the throw on a NJ/SJ-ing Cable works wonders. I’ve even thrown magneto/Storm out of triangle jumps. (albeit not too often).

I’d suggest learning some of her corner juggles with cannon spikes or air to grounds w/ fierces. Watch Chapter 9 and 39 of DJ-B13’s Tricks of the trade series to see some cool stuff you can do with her. Just search for it on Youtube

@ LA(rence)

9Revolta cleared it up. MP links into LP. I didn’t know that. I watched the Video and The Top 8 matches for final round and I saw that Cammy player use that Reset on Sentinel. Sweer stuff.

if you notice your opponent has trouble teching throws just do launch sj.lp-sj.lp-hp throw-otg low lk-sj.lp-sj.lp-hp throw-otg xx cannon drill xx kba. its funny to see when people get trapped in the throw loop. also, don’t forget about her j. hp throw priority. its great and if you don’t get the throw her hp has a lot of priority too.